Wow, I must be mean. Just get over it already. Make the decision and jump or climb or whatever, over or under or through it. “It” must be a hurdle of some kind, get over it. What is the hurdle keeping you sitting on the sidelines or cubicle? Is it something too big? Is it something in your past? Are you just comfortable enough NOT to do something? Are you going to sit there the rest of your life and regret not accomplishing your dreams at the end of your life? I am not! I am over it!

Yes, that does sound mean. I was a bit more calm and chilled out in the last post at least. Sometimes we need a bit of a push to get up off that chair or to run that short distance with or without hurdles. There may be formal hurdles or perhaps they are just pebbles or rocks, like the ones I tried to cross over to get to the water last week. I did get across those rocks by the way.

Determination is something that a lot of folks think they have until it comes to actually doing something. I think the determination is the mental capacity to accept the challenge of moving, but motorvation (I meant to spell it this way) is actually doing that something. We all have hurdles of some kind. Get over it!! There is of course the physical, mental, emotional and Lord knows what else might be out there. Get over it!

Look around, God did not make mistakes. God allows challenges to see how you respond to them and move forward on His plan for You. There are things that lay across our minds and bodies, sometimes for too long and they want to reside there. It could be a disease, a death of someone close, a lack of confidence, heartbreak or any number of things. I think most of us have been there in some capacity. I do not intend to belittle those events in our lives that have occurred. I have lost someone close, my brother James, he was 18 years old. His heart was too big, figuratively and physically. I remember the positive he brought to my family and this world, but I get over this event to hopefully share with him someday what he meant to me and my family.

I have had a stroke at the beginning of this year (2012) that my wife was told was “catastrophic”. I should not be walking, swimming, jogging, driving or doing anything but lay in a bed in a vegetative state or worse. You could not tell I am a stroke survivor. I have seen others that have had a stroke and could not do these things. Again, I do not wish to belittle their ailments and maladies, but for many, get over it! For some it is just attitude and others of course, there is something there that they are not able to do.

There are financial mistakes that we have made. My attitude has been to go to God and let him know we have messed up, I think we have learned our lesson and to please help us. I have not lost my birthday, or my children, or our lives over these things. We just push on, we get over it.

I am sure there are a few out there reading this who have had worse events occur that would just boggle the mind and make these things I have listed as mere bumps in the road. Others may be overwhelmed by not paying the water bill a week ahead of schedule. Get over it. You have been given a life to live, a direction to move that life in, and a way to pursue your passion that God has given especially to you. These events make you stronger and give you credence for a better story to tell once you do succeed, whatever the definition you may have for success. This also holds true that success is not a dictionary definition, but one guided by individuals, through their own trials and tribulations. You should share these with others so they can learn from your efforts and mistakes. Propel them with your endeavors, positive and negative, so they may learn and get over whatever it is that keeps them from their potential. They will have their own hurdles to cross at their intended times to create their own stories. They will just have to get over it just like we did and still do.

God bless.

If you would like to comment on the actual post, it is located at: http://www.lifeandlatitudes.com/get-over-it

Darren Rayborn



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Comment by Darren Rayborn on August 17, 2012 at 9:01am

Nate, Thanks for the comment.  Everyone has something they have gone through that may be traumatic to them or anyone in their shoes.  We all have stories of hurdles we have to overcome, or so we think.  Too many people just don't want to jump over those hurdles, get on the other side and move on to greater things that God has planned for them.  It may not be easy, I don't recall that being in the instruction manual anywhere.  Just have some faith and move forward, at least just don't stop.  I have seen and heard that too many times when even they know if they just get up and move, they would be in such a better place and be a great example to others.  

Okay, getting off my soap box now.  Haha.  I do appreciate your great words and thanks.  Have a great weekend Nate.


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