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Think of it, DWSRO make you laugh or they make you cry.  There is life or death in them.  DWSRO are used let someone know you love them or perhaps, sadly enough, are yacked off at them!  They express emotion – whether positive or negative. 

In the beginning the DWSRO already existed. The DWSRO gave life to everything and brought life to everyone.  In any given moment of any given day literally billions upon billions of DWSRO are being expressed by people everywhere through a variety of ways – in print, on TV, via text messages, in songs, and the list goes on and on and on.  DWSRO fill the airwaves whether heard or unheard.  We are bombarded with DWSRO all day long.  For men, we are said to have approximately half the capacity of women in our daily DWSRO inventory.  That means we need to double their impact!

If we only had a computer to help tabulate the number of DWSRO that we consume, in thought or otherwise, the number would be staggering.  Actually, we do have a “computer” for this, our brains.  I wish mine had a display that shows me the count, perhaps like the U.S. Debt Clock.  In fact, this post has 654 DWSRO.

DWSRO provide instruction, help you find your way, and are translated into choices found on menus or recipes. 

You need DWSRO to live.  DWSRO are a powerful thing. It was once said “….the same with my DWSRO.  I send it out, and it always produces fruit.  It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it”. When verbalized DWSRO are launched into eternity like a rocket and will not return void. DWSRO cannot be taken back once expressed.  DWSRO are like seeds, good or bad, that will bring forth a harvest. 

The” DWSRO penetrates like a two edged SWORD and causes us to think through our thoughts and actions. I decided to check the local movie listings today to see what might be playing.  Oddly enough, there is a movie now in theaters that limits one’s DWSRO to a thousand remaining. If the limit is exceeded it results in the death of one of the characters. 

Sort of makes you want to make each DWSRO count and have impact, with none to be wasted.  How many of us use DWSRO carelessly? We expend DWSRO about nothing or perhaps trivial things.  Is it time to change that?

DWSRO are a collection of organized characters meant to communicate a specific thought or image.  Those characters, without structure, are meaningless. DWSRO are strung together with other DWSRO to bring order to what otherwise might be chaos.  When properly aligned, the convey meaning.  Webster’s is full of them.

DWSRO can be expressed in the thought channel via a glance, a glare, or a smile.  At times, I wish my DWSRO were more uplifting and positive.  Too often, they convey complaining and are laced with sarcasm.  Trust me, not a good time for sure, both to myself and the one on whom my DWSRO are directed.  My DWSRO should be like a spring of water, bringing refreshment.  Instead, many times the water my DWSRO produce is bitter and tasteless.  My DWSRO are like a flame of fire with even a tiny spark setting a great forest on fire!  This is not want I want.  I have to ask “The” DWSRO for help and forgiveness on such issues. 

In short, I hope you make your DWSRO count.  I pray you make your DWSRO have substance.  Let your DWSRO have meaning and purpose.  Make someone smile with your positive DWSRO today. 

Geez, I almost forgot, DWSRO need to have order and cannot be scrambled.  Sorry, perhaps I got up on the wrong side of the bed today.  Mine are a bit mixed up.

Make your WORDS count! Let them be like a fragrant aroma, whether heard or not.


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