Well, I have finally gained permission from my doctor to drive again. Since the stroke, my wife has pretty much driven me everywhere; most places have been either to medical appointments or church. Not many other places to go around here nor did I really feel like traveling. Ah, but given the opportunity to drive, it did give me some fodder to consider.

Driving. What defines it? This is in regards to cars not golf, sorry guys. Here are a couple of definitions. This is the primary one we think: “The act or process of operating a motor vehicle, especially with regard to how skillful somebody is”. But I kind of like this one: “Having the ability or influence to make something new or different happen”. I kind of feel this definition fits well right now. Why you may ask? For one I do have the drive to work in the coaching business. There is influence involved, guidance for the clients to discover themselves. The other aspect, after almost three months of forced non-driving, it does feel new and different to drive. I love driving and have since before I got my driver’s license. I truly enjoyed and missed my four-speed cars and trucks. The V-8 growl that could turn into a breath-taking, raging and heeded storm is something I don’t hear from my vehicles any more. I drive a Prius primarily now. There is a definite “lack of…” when driving the Prius and listening to AC/DC. Not as much fun, but it is a good start to get the feeling of driving back into my system.

There is a skill or ability that can be lost if we do no use it. Yes, I am going to relate this to a passion. When we were younger, which could be as a child or even just a short while ago, we got a tug at something in our souls that said, “Wow, that is cool and I want to do that”. Maybe we even had the opportunity to try it out. Why was it put away? Why did you believe it was not worth pursuing? Was it time, kids, significant other, something you can’t make a living at? Did someone tell you that you should not or cannot do it? Time to change that thought and put yourself into the driver’s seat!

Now, don’t go bankrupt doing whatever it is you want to do or drive obviously, but look at how you can make this passion and dream come back to you. You can become the doer from the dreamer. It will take some time and planning, but what else will give you the satisfaction of pursuing your passion, your God-given drive to do what He created you for? Will it make you happy in the view of others being served as well, short-term and long-term? I think that would be key in what I do, making sure that what I do and my passion is something that helps others as well. I mentioned that in my last post http://www.lifeandlatitudes.com/getting-to-the-right-direction between cars and coaching. I love cars, there is a passion there, but it did not pass my personal test of how it affects others and their lives. The coaching did and it affects my clients and friends along with my personal satisfaction.

There is nothing that says you can’t have more than one passion. It just seems like one is a head above the rest when it comes to serving others as well as bringing you the satisfaction your soul needs to thrive on. There is a quote from Zig Ziglar that states: “If you help enough other people get what they want, you can get what you want”. Now, that does mean you need to have a pure heart about what you are doing to help someone. You need to be pursuing your true passion and not something someone else has told you to do. Once you get to the freeing guidance of your soul for what you were designed to do, then share with others, you can gain in your passion many fold over.

Drive yourself to your true passion. It is a skill and piece of love you need to share with others whether it is painting, coaching, writing, fixing cars, listening, repairing clocks, or Lord knows what, do what you were designed to do.

Thank you and God bless.


Darren Rayborn

The definitions used above came from: Encarta® World English Dictionary © 1999 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

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