I was listening to a pastor give a sermon on television the other day and it was as if time stood still when he made the comment, “Your discipline determines your destiny.” My mind immediately went to a dream I had several months ago.

I was on a basketball team and all I was interested in was getting on the court with my teammates to play. Our uniforms were grey and bland. Our pre-game warm up was mediocre at best and if we did play, our game would have been even worse (I woke up before we played). We didn’t have any plays, but figured we could wing it and make things happen. Oh, yeah. We didn’t even have a coach.

Not so for the other team. Even in their pre-game warm up it was highly apparent they came with a mission and that was to win. Their coach was a strong leader and with all eyes fixed on him, they followed his every command. From the number of people on their squad and their unity as a team to their bold colored uniforms and intense pre-game practice, this team had a spirit of excellence about them. And though it drew the attention of the crowd that came to watch the game, it was intimidating to us to say the least.

This is the type of preparation we all need. When we practice our game and strive to have a spirit of excellence in all that we do, we put ourselves in the coveted position of winning even before the game is played. Our reputation will precede us. Discipline certainly does determine one’s destiny.

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Comment by Alicia Terry on April 19, 2012 at 6:20pm

Hi Izmael,

You are correct. Discipline is extremely powerful, but can be extremely challenging to make it a consistent part of one's life. I'm finding that when I think about the outcome, if it is compelling enough...if I can link it to a greater cause, it helps me make the choice to discipline myself to get the result I want. Not always easy. For instance, I know when I have a clean house my thinking and creativity is sharper and I rest better. These outcomes are vitally important to me so it becomes an incentive to keep my environment clean and organized. It's something I must work on consistently, but it's worth the effort to me.

Comment by Izmael Arkin on April 19, 2012 at 12:03am

I couldnt agree more Alicia. Discipline is extremely powerful. I have been working on my discipline over the course of the last few years and it has really made a positive impact in my life. It is interesting because, initially it was painful but now it hurts my soul more when I lack discipline. It hurts me when I see people who want more out of life but dont think they can do it. But in reality they simply need to be more disciplined about what they want.

I think I might be simplifying it too much though. Disicpline is not easily attained... And can be easily lost.

Any thoughts on how to develop discipline?

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