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Digital Marketing Changes Quickly: Trends To Watch This Year

Today it is impossible for businesses to neglect digital marketing as it remains one of the most powerful tools in their hands. Having taken the industry by storm it dominates modern marketing strategies and is constantly evolving. The trends that used to take top positions last year might be replaced by completely different ones the following year and it is not surprising. Let’s see what digital marketing trends will hold the leading positions by the end of this year.

Live Stream

Live Streaming Video will be one of the most popular digital marketing trends in 2017. Both Facebook and Instagram can already please their users with the integration of live stream, so soon this function will be added to other popular platforms too. Millions of people are interested in the events that are happening at the moment and live stream provides them with this experience.

Many Internet users wish to learn information the first and this video fulfills their desire undoubtedly. That is incredibly useful for businesses who can improve brand awareness as well as customer loyalty through building close relationships with their leads.

Augmented reality

Being a completely new experience for modern people augmented reality beat all the records of its popularity in the game The Pokemon Go. Of course, today AR is still not widely used in advertising and promotion, but its instant boost in popularity shows its incredible potential. Businesses may turn to professional developers who implement this feature into modern tools, applications, games and take advantage of it too.

Virtual Reality

Possibility to escape reality attracts many modern people tired of the routine. Why can’t companies use VR for their purposes? You will not impress anyone today with a game that takes place in another world. But VR has gone further as today it is a powerful tool in the hands of real estate agents. They can organize property showings without leaving their offices and create tours around the houses showing their potential by staging. No wonder VR can join many other spheres of the modern life too.

Viral content

One of the most recent terms that flooded the Web is ‘viral’. Today every person does his best to make his content be viral - appealing to masses and the search engines too. That means that the accent is made on the quality of the content that might engage users and make them stay on the website longer. Today it is a new twist in SEO that will gain popularity this year as well. There are a lot of tools on the web like Noplag.com that allow you to check your text content, and thus predict unexpected issues.

Email marketing based on the consumer behavior

Every person suffers from spam and unsubscribes from annoying email campaigns as soon as they see anything irrelevant. That confirms the ineffectiveness of customary generic emails that not only do not attract customers but even jeopardize them. To avoid this unsuccessful experience emails should meet customer expectations and requirements. They should work like Google ads that are selected according to the user search preferences. In marketing, it is known as behavior-based emails that offer customers the product or service he was looking for. It is much more effective and is not restricted by the anti-spam law that appears in many countries today.

There are special tools that can be integrated into landing pages and shopping carts to learn your customer preferences. If you see that one person has already checked the price for one item several times, your representative should contact him and provide information about it. Even if this person does not make a purchase, he will undoubtedly appreciate this step and become your lead.

Visual content

Despite the fact that written content will be still needed by you for SEO and better ranking, this year you should make an emphasis on visual content. The first thing that strikes your mind when you hear the word ‘visual’ is images and videos. Undoubtedly, they will not lose their popularity but businesses should look for other visual content examples too: these might be infographics, presentations, graphs, digital guides, maps, tables etc. Their goal is to captivate reader’s attention while written content should keep it.

Big Data and predictive marketing

Big Data, predictive analytics, and customer insight will only strengthen their positions in 2017. It is estimated that a big data market will only grow in the next years. Business representatives are looking for new tools that will shed more light on customer behavior and user experience. All this information like gender, age, interests, location allow making ads more targeted.

Moreover, there are also new ways of data visualization so its interpretation has become faster thanks to modern tools. They can process numerous quantities of raw data and provide a detailed report.

Mobile access

With a constantly increasing number of mobile devices, there is nothing surprising that they will influence digital marketing too. The first and one of the most important issue is making business websites responsive as any negative experience will deprive you of leads immediately. It is reported that today more than half of the users visit websites from mobile devices. That is why businesses should not save on the high quality and responsiveness of their websites as well as order mobile applications to make communication with consumers more personalized.

Marketing through Employee Advocates

Today there is a tendency to avoid working with powerful marketing giants and entrust individuals to work on the improving of the digital landscape. That means the content of the brand will be predominantly advertised by the employees working in the company. Staff members have a good representation of all the products and services offered so it is very difficult to rd place them. As a result, it guarantees better brand awareness and generates positive exposure.


A shift in digital marketing trends is not surprising as technology develops incessantly and every sphere us trying to keep up with it. This year we can see many new trends that seemed innovation only a year ago. Today they are ranked to be ones of the most popular and effective and it will not be surprising that next year their positions will be taken by completely new things.


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