Career Success- There's an APP for that!

Are you struggling to find work or at least work that you really enjoy?

As an HR guy, all too often, I see people struggling in their careers and with their happiness at work. But on occasion, I get to witness how someone has taken a frustrating work situation or job search and not only resolved it, but actually made their long-term career much better in the process.  It leads to happiness in all other areas of their lives.  It’s an awesome thing to see.

So what’s the difference between those that continue to “just get by” with work versus those that find success and happiness in doing it?

It’s all about the APP. There are three key aspects of taking control of your career – your “APP for Success”.  In this case, APP is an acronym for Attitude, Passion and Planning.


It’s no surprise that anyone who chooses to overcome any obstacle, including career problems, must start with having the right attitude.  This begins with the way you view yourself and the way you treat others.  Without the right attitude, everything else breaks down.  When things get extra tough, people with a poor attitude tend to give up or rub others the wrong way.  Been there, done that myself at one point in my career.  Take some time to be honest with yourself on this.  Suggestion:  Read “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale.  You can likely find it at your local library.


It shouldn’t shock anyone to find that those who make the biggest strides in their careers(and ultimately, their money) are doing things that they enjoy.  Take some time to be introspective and figure out what it is that you enjoy and get to doing it in some way or another.  Starting out, that doesn’t mean you have to know the exact job you want, but you should know your own personality and what that says about the general type of work you should be doing.  Do more of what interests you.  Suggestion: Ask your friends and family what they think you are passionate about and are especially good at.  You may be surprised what they can tell you that you have a hard time seeing yourself. 


You can have all the right attitude and passion, but without having a plan in place to do something, it won’t happen.  I’ve met a lot of wonderful people with great attitudes who really know themselves well, but are unwilling to sit down and create a plan they can follow to make the change they need.  Suggestion:  Use goal-setting worksheets to create your plan.  Don’t underestimate the importance of this!

There is no such thing as getting lucky in your career.  It is a pattern of decisions, starting in the short-term, that gets the ball rolling.  The sooner you decide to succeed, decide to figure out your real strengths and interests, and make a plan to do it, the sooner you can live the life you want, both inside and outside of work.

Question: What steps are you taking to better your attitude, focus on your passion and better plan for your success? 

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