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Today is my birthday -- not necessarily an exciting event, because I've now reached the ripe old age of 49 -- so, the celebratory aspect of today is not the point of my post here.


My day began about an hour ago, and now that lunches are made, hubby and the teenager are off to work and school, dogs and cats are fed, laundry is going, and the dishwasher is unloaded, I've sat down at my computer to finish my cup of coffee. I opened up my e-mail to find a beautiful assortment of Happy Birthday greetings via e-mail and Facebook -- some from friends I've made online but never met face-to-face, some from mere acquaintances, several from friends from childhood (and remember, I'm now old), then others from very, very dear friends. So, I'm now beginning my day with the reminder of how incredibly blessed I am, which IS the point of my post here. Let me add that recognizing my "Blessed-ness" (my spin on the traditional word) is NOT a new revelation. Almost daily, I pause and consider it; however, I never tire of the reminders, especially at this stage of my life.


Since mid-2007, life has simply been hard. A number of different crises hit -- some big, some small -- beginning with a business venture that didn't go well, and culminating with the discovery that substance abuse was the force that was pulling one of our children into the dark abyss of depression and sadness. But, even though the powerful grip of fear was clouding my view of God, He was there all the time -- strong, wise and faithful. He brought help for our child to our doorstep, which released that powerful grip of fear, and has guided us on the journey through recovery. My husband, our other child, and I will tell you that while this is an experience we wouldn't wish on anyone, we wouldn't trade what we've gained for anything in the world. We've received blessings too profound to adequately describe.


Today, our kid is doing remarkably well, and even though our financial recovery is going to be a long, slow journey, we're still incredibly blessed. And the simple "Happy Birthday" greetings are reminders that God has provided us with friends and family members that are more valuable than all the gold in the world. And coffee -- I feel blessed that God gives us coffee. :) So, although I'm 49 and my eyes, memory and hearing are going; I'm gaining weight from the anti-depressants; need two different meds to control my rheumatoid arthritis, and have to lay hands on my car each morning so it keeps going for a few more years -- I feel blessed.


Years ago, I sang a song for the baptism of a friend's first baby, and it's a song that stays with me to this day. The song is "Child of the Father" by Christian artist Cheri Keaggy. Here are a few of the words:


I am a Child of the Father, and I know what that means for me,

It means I'm loved, and I'm spoken for, it means I'm wealthy in heavenly things.

I am a Child of the Father, and I know what that means for me,

It means I'm redeemed, and forgiven, it means I'm holy and blameless and free.

CHORUS (my favorite part):

The blessings that are mine, overwhelm me all the time.

I am wealthy in Your eyes, for You are my Father.....and I'm Your child.


I hope that today, you're overwhelmed by your blessings. That if the pollution of life is clouding your view, it's my prayer that God will clear the skies and help you to see that He's there -- strong, wise and faithful. And you'll be blessed.



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Comment by Audrey McLaughlin on February 1, 2011 at 5:05pm
Happy Birthday and thank you for the reminder to simplifying thanks!

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