Halloween candy goes on sale this week. Before you snatch up your favorites, beware of the monster you may unleash. Here’s my recent battle with temptation.

Somebody knew women who like china, love chocolate and placed my favorite treat among housewares. I picked up the 14.1 ounce Swiss chocolate bar and remembered its smooth taste. “I’ll buy it for you?” my friend said. “Absolutely not!” I put it back and walked away, but the temptation had taken root. I ambled back to look at the fat grams, 12 grams per serving. Ridiculous. Who eats one serving? I walked away.

I discovered this chocolate on a mission trip in Europe. The music of that experience played in my mind. In those days this candy was rare in America. I could save it for when I really wanted chocolate.

The check-out clerk said he had never seen such a big chocolate bar. Good, I thought. It must be fresh. [click to continue…]

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Comment by Debbie W. Wilson on October 30, 2012 at 7:24am

Peter, I agree. European chocolate is a cut above. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by Peter A Ferguson on October 30, 2012 at 7:15am

Fantastic quote: "We’ve given Eve a hard time for eating the forbidden fruit, but if it smelled like chocolate, I understand."

Food is an addiction which is socially acceptable - even encouraged - but every bit as hard to kick as other vices not socially acceptable. 

Thankfully, after tasting good European chocolate, the stuff the kids are bringing home isn't very enticing - except I am a glutton for peanut butter. So I allow one peanut butter cup each evening.

Thanks for the post Debbie!


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