Are You an Entrepreneur Whose Business Needs Glasses?

Most entrepreneurs dream big dreams and have great visions for their business.I think that is wonderful and wouldn’t want it any other way.I love to work with entrepreneurs who don’t give up after a setback and are committed to making their business a success.

But sometimes entrepreneurs miss the details and the subtleties that impact their businesses.They might dedicate every minute to working on their business but still not be achieving what they hoped to. Not long ago, I had a conversation with a woman who said, ” I thought I was doing everything I should be doing to build a successful business but I often felt like I was trying to navigate blindfolded, like I just couldn’t see the obvious even though it was right in front of my face.”

It’s true. Sometimes while trying to launch that vision into reality, some entrepreneurs need better eyes to see what is happening. They need to see the details that are keeping success from knocking on their door.

Sometimes you can be so close to something that it all blends together and looks familiar. This is especially true of solo entrepreneurs who are so involved they often see their business like the vision in their mind’s eye rather than the reality their customers see.

It’s not hard to be so close to something that you don’t notice the flaws. I hardly know any entrepreneurs who at some point didn’t miss the obvious.

Sometimes the flaw is something subtle in the message you convey or something that snags a smooth flow in your delivery system.Sometimes the flaw involves the wrong type of marketing or the right ideal client but the wrong approach.Sometimes the flaw is something that continues to survive because the entrepreneur unintentionally feeds it the fuel it needs to grow.

You might think no business owner in their right mind would fuel a flaw, but many times a business owner doesn’t see those small flaws that affect the growth of the business because they don’t see clearly.The need “glasses” to help them discern the issues preventing the business from growing.  


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