Over View

The Veterans group will focus on helping the returning veteran and their immediate family cope with the reintegration processes. Through weekly support meetings work shops in sustainable gardening and animal therapy as well as contact with outside sources.

Target Market

This group will focus on the returning veteran with disabilities such as TBI and PTSD and his/her immediate family. More specifically It will deal with those in danger of becoming or those who are homeless Veterans with disabilities that have families. By providing temporary housing as well as resources to help return the veteran and their family back into society.


Facilitation will be provided by prior service and still active veterans.. The facilitator will be trained in Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) and if so chooses will go through the NC State University Team Facilitation course work or equivalent . Where needed there will be civilian counter parts with extensive training in handling returning veterans their families and the special needs that come along with them.

Six Month Outlook

  • Weakly Meetings to help support the veterans transition

  • Spousal support groups have been going on for at least 3 months on a weakly basis

  • Work shops that improve fine motor skills of TBI patients through things such as how to garden

  • Integrate Outings as possible with the group to help veterans learn their individual triggers while supplying a support system

  • Horse / Animal therapy workshops and classes

  • Start fund raising to help with cost of upkeep of the building and outings

  • Start putting together and promoting Veteran/Military Job Fairs

One Year Outlook

  • Outings AT LEAST once every three months with most if not all of the group to reinforce skills regarding triggers and control of outcomes to those who have learned them and teach those who have not.

As Needed

  • Connect veterans with counseling and support options outside of weekly group meetings

  • Connect veteran with sources that will help them obtain tools such as service animals, wheelchairs and any other needed tools

Barn and Garden

  • Introduce veterans to simple Gardening techniques that allow them freedom to plant, grow and harvest their own food.

  • Introduce and certify Teams in TDI (Therapy Dogs International) work as a way of giving back and integrating back into society. (Where mentally and physically capable)

  • As part of the a animal husbandry program allow veterans to raise meat rabbits for consumption and sale where applicable.

  • Have a certified occupational or physical therapists using horses as a modality

  • Equine facilitated mental health, using the horse to foster relationship building and problem solving.

Fund Raising

  • Farmers Market supplied by what is grown on the farm and local farmers who pay for space

  • Stable rentals

  • Horse Riding lesions for the community

  • Petting zoo ( if applicable)

  • Sell of fresh produce to local restaurants and businesses

  • Sell of promotional products such as T-Shirts and water bottles.

  • Corporate sponsorships on website and banners

  • Low cost out patient services (more research needed)


  • Participate in Local fairs

  • Out patient Services

Staff Needed

Out Patient Care

  • Counselor

  • psychologist

  • psychiatrist (one Child)

  • receptionist

In Patient / In Unit Care

  • RN

  • HHA

  • Physical Therapists

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Security

  • peer support

  • office worker /over seer

    Driver (driving to outside appointments)


  • Black smith (contracted)

  • Large Animal Vet (contracted)

  • Stable Hand

  • horse Riding trainer ( help bring in income to the organization)


    These are the spots I can think of that I will need any other idea that I might have missed would be greatly apricated

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