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Highlights from Part One:
- Discovering your Dream or Calling!
- How to move toward the Dream
- What does the process look like?
- Should the focus be on the goal or the process?


And now for the long awaited, A Risk Worth Taking (Part 2)


Consider with me for a moment if you will, the question, “What is the most important element to you realizing your dreams? Maybe you think: persistence, planning, patience, positive thinking… not so, though important, not the “most” important. Most important to the realization of your dreams is, confidence! Not self manufactured confidence, rather a confidence that comes to you naturally. It comes to you because you’ve discover a dream that matches you! A dream that matches your talents, your abilities, your personality, your purposes… When this match up happens, you’ll know it! Not only will a strong confidence come over you about your dream’s success, so will a sense of excitement.


One author describes this process, as finding “your vocation.” Vocation comes from the Latin word Vocare, which means “to call.” It suggest you are listening for something calling out to you! You listen for, then attune yourself to it’s message. Vocation is not pursuing a plan toward a goal, as much as listening for a voice. It does not come as much from willfulness, but rather from listening. -Dan Miller, 48 Days


To prove to you my point about confidence being paramount,  let’s look again at Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook. How did he rise to the top 20 richest in the world? Or take Steve Jobs, how did he become one of the most dynamic CEO of all times? Because their dreams matched who they were, who they were designed to be!


So now you are wondering, can this type of thing happen to me? Absolutely yes! Maybe you think you’re different from these guys, your not. Do you think Mark Zuckerberg ever thought sitting in the 11th grade, “I am going to be one of the most renown pioneers in this thing we call the Social Media” revolution! Extremely doubtful! Yet do you think he was excited when the idea for a global presence for his Facebook came to him? You bet he was! So we come back to that important question, is it worth the risk? Is it worth the risk of not picking a dream that matches what you feel you’re cut out to do?


Now, let’s say you have the dream, and you have the confidence and excitement that comes with it. Here is the trick to allowing your confidence and excitement to be rekindled day-by-day. Try this, do something each day that relates to the overall big picture. If you dream of being Anime Illustrator, learn a new drawing technique, maybe explore a new feature in Photoshop, Illustrator or Go Live. When you are tired of pressing into that area of knowledge, switch over to something else for awhile. Maybe learn about something like designing your website, search engine optimization or marketing.


For the sake of being brief, lets move to our last area of discussion. An area as important as any to the realization of your dreams… your thought life. Thought life directly affects your confidence (the #1 most import area discussed earlier) and may well be the most practical of all areas. Practical in it’s ability to daily move you toward, and ultimately arrive you at your dream. This area can make the difference between losing momentum, losing daily enthusiasm and excitement, or not. Your thought life, without a doubt, can actually add momentum, enthusiasm and excitement to the daily pursuit of your dreams. And the day-to-day is where we spend our time, right?!


I have yet to meet a person that tells me their thought life is as positive as it could be. This is not an area we can wave a magical wand over and “poof” have a positive thought life. We must challenge ourselves, we must exert effort to correcting the negative thoughts, to right the wrong ways we think. So often we make agreements with negative thoughts as they press into our minds. i.e. You’ll never reach the proper weight for yourself, you are too undisciplined! The thought broadsides us like a traffic accident. Battered and weakened, we succumb and agree… I am undisciplined and will never get to my healthy weight!  The agreement has been made! A worse thing could not of happened.  Making these agreements drain the life out of us, deplete us of hope and drive!  We must break these agreements, and then think every thought possible to make sure we do not return to the agreement.


Please as you leave your comment, ask the questions you have, I will do my best to give you quality answers!

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