Without a doubt, it burns in me to help young people (around ages 13-24) succeed! My parents did not offer me much direction or guidance so I want better things for those young people who want better things for themselves. It is my desire to help them realize the most fantastic, the most farfetched, the most loftiest dream for their lives!  It is understandable some might be scared (reluctant might be a better word) to dream. With dreams come hopes, and who out there likes the idea of hopes being deferred, or even dashed. But without people invading their purpose for life, where would society be right now.


     Great people surface all the time. Look at Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook   (If you have not yet watched Social Media this is a must see movie).  Mark Zuckerberg is one of the people that epitomizes Albert Einstein’s saying, “there is nothing more awesome than an idea whose time has come!” Mark is just one of an innumerable amount of people who have captured a vision, and rose to great heights. However maybe the great heights you will be swept off to won’t be in the form of fame, prestige or wealth. Maybe it will come to you in the form of great happiness or great fulfillment. Or maybe the deep enjoyment of moving forward day-by-day, driven by great purpose!


     Have you ever thought about your purpose here?  Have you ever pondered those things that are truly, the highest hopes for your life? If you could achieve anything, become the greatest at anything, pursue the path that would truly make a mark on the world… what would you pursue? Maybe it is time to slow down and meditate on this. The risk of not taking the time, is a risk not worth taking.

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Comment by Mitch Kriegh on November 23, 2011 at 12:37am

Totally agree, to be young and trying to get a solid start, your advice would simplify their lives so much.  And simple is way better than complex, is it not?!! :-)

Comment by Christine Odle on November 22, 2011 at 7:57pm
I agree - so many young people struggle with the myths of money, guidance, society, etc. I have a personal passion to help people with their finances - as part of my coaching program if you have a teenager - I ask to see them for at least 1 hour to expose them to a life without debt (including college), encourage them to apply for scholarships regardless of grades and look towards their future on a positive note. It's a blast! I use Dave Ramsey's Foundations of Life and Money a lot - because Dave's Daughter Rachel has done a fabulous job of taking her father's passion and geared it towards that age group. If I can help you with anything - please contact me!

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