Have you ever observed other leaders who always seem to achieve their goals and you wonder to yourself why this is not happening for you?

Have you observed other leaders who always seem to be experiencing nothing but frustration and set backs no matter how hard they work?

Dr. Henry Cloud is a great author and teacher who uses this little book to present a simple and straight forward guide to help leaders at all stages. This book is based on a groundbreaking psychological study of the ways that successful individuals think and behave.

Some key things you will learn:

  • How to discover & invest in your inner desires and drives
  • How to not allow a sense of negativity to take up space in your mind and life
  • How to evaluate your decisions in the present based on how they will affect the future
  • How to continually ask yourself, "What can I do to make this situation better?"
  • How to achieve big goals by taking small steps over time
  • How to develop the ability to hate the right things well
  • How to give more and better than you are given
  • How not to strive to be or to appear to be more than you really are-but really embrace your own identity
  • How to make decisions without fear of other people's reactions
I am going to write several post in the coming weeks to explore some of these lessons in Dr. Cloud's book.
Here some excerpts from the #1 Thing A Leader Must Do: A Leader Must Have Heart!

Excavate Your Soul: Leaders explore their deep hearts & invest in their inner desires & drive.

  • Deeply exploring your soul means that you must face some fears and obstacles.
  • There is no shortage of things in this life that can cause you to bury your heart and soul.
  • The choice is whether we are going to allow fear & experiences to keep our potential buried, or choose to step out in faith & see that potential turn into reality.
  • Those who take what they possess, invest it in life and are diligent and faithful with it over time, grow and build something good.
  • But those who allow fear to keep them from stepping out, not only fail to increase what they have, they actually lose it.
  • Without guarding what is in the heart no leader ever reaches his potential.
  • Success and failure alike arise from what is going on inside, and the wise person is the one who pays attention.
  • There is very little growth and reward in life without taking risk.
  • Healthy risk is calculated, integrated, and then executed with diligence and thoughtfulness.

One of the worst things you can die with is potential!



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Comment by Leslie Chukwuma on September 14, 2012 at 3:32pm

Thanks for sharing this excerpt, Mark.  I agree that, "One of the worst things you can die with is potential".  This is true.  It is sad for one to think back on their dying day and wonder "what if" about the opportunities they passed up.

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