6 Ways Living on a Budget Will Improve Your Life

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This post originally appeared on my blog: Moving Forward.

The New Year is just around the corner. This is the time many people are thinking of goals they would like to accomplish next year.

No more financial stress would make for a great year, wouldn’t it?

Then put living on a detailed budget at the top of your goals for 2017.

Here are 6 wonderful ways living on a budget will improve your life:

1) No more guilt. Going on a date. Buying that new piece of furniture. It’s all in the budget. It’s all part of the plan. You’re doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing. There will be nothing to feel guilty about.

2) No more arguments. You’ve sat down with your spouse and talked about goals and hopes for your family’s future. You’ve both admitted that can’t happen unless changes are made. You’ve listened to each other’s concerns and wants. You’ve decided together exactly how you will spend your money. What’s left to argue about?

3) No more panic.

We got the life insurance bill today. I don’t know how we are going to come up with $400 this month!

If you were on a budget, that thought would never cross your mind! No more heart-racing while opening the mail. You would simply write the check with confidence that the money is there. It’s impossible to fully express how wonderful that feels! You will just have to experience it for yourself.

4) More family. Some people are workaholics. They need to learn to prioritize family. But many others who spend more time at work than with their family do it to keep up with their reckless spending (and they’re still drowning).

Some have second and even third jobs because they want to pay off debt and get their lives back on track. Others have multiple jobs and can’t figure out why things aren’t getting better. After a couple of months on a detailed budget, you will likely find out you make it just fine with one job and no overtime. Get on a budget for your family’s sake!

5) More fun. My wife and I added a “Family Fun” line to our budget. Before, our response to requests to “do something fun” was often, “Sorry, I don’t think we can afford it” (because we already blew the money on something else!).

Now, we say, “Let me check the family fun envelope.” And, more often than not, there’s something there. The only difficult part now is deciding what we want to do!

6)You will finally be free. Many people don’t live on a budget because they don’t want to be restricted. They like the “freedom” of going out to dinner when they want or splurging on a new DVD. You can only do that for so long before you end up enslaved to debt. Then, you spend the rest of your life trying to clean up and catch up.

Or, you can exercise self-control, get on a budget, and set yourself up for an enjoyable life and a secure future. True freedom is not doing whatever you want. It’s choosing to live within boundaries you set up for yourself so you can reach your dreams.

Check out my free Budget Worksheet available on my Resource page!

What are some other ways getting on a budget will improve someone's life?

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Comment by Heath Robertson on December 9, 2016 at 8:00am

Thanks for the feedback and encouragement, Chris!

Comment by Chris Conley on December 8, 2016 at 1:12pm

great advice and well written Heath.

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