5 Ways to Create Margin in Your Life

As business people and entrepreneurs, spouses and parents we often take on more than we are truly able to manage well. Although we may protest that statement and respond with a definitive "No, no, I'm fine!" to yet another request to squeeze another to-do into our life, the reality is that we tend to overfill our days and calendars and often stretch ourselves too thin. Moms especially need to give this area some attention, as a recent survey found that the biggest secret moms keep is one of being overwhelmed.

There are action steps we can take to create margin in our lives as opposed to living this scenario:

The much anticipated and equally dreaded Spring Forward! time change has arrived. Those of us who have experienced it with children know how exciting it is for the kids to be able to play outside longer and later, but also know how it can disrupt sleep and morning routines. If you are functioning right to the edges already, this may just push you right over the cliff. . .

Monday morning.


The race is on again for a new week, and you and your mind are running at top speed, full out, and it’s not even 9:00am yet.

Hubbie. House. Job. Laundry. Clean clothes. Ironed clothes.  Lunches.

Kids. Backpacks. Missing homework. Missing sports equipment.

Get in the car. Let’s GO. We’re going to be LATE.

Missing me.

Missing time.

Missing breathing room.


Slow down for just a moment and take a deep breath, and join me at my blog for ideas on creating margin in your life.

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Comment by Kim Hall on March 20, 2012 at 11:24am

What a tremendous difference you made in your life when you created margin! I can feel the relief in your comment.

Isn't it wonderful when we discover the linchpin that is holding us so tightly to our dysfunctional, unsatisfying lives? We just have to be aware, or brave, or whatever, and just pull the linchpin out to release ourselves from what stifles us.

One side effect you may not see for years is that your son has seen your behavior-walking away from what didn't work and towards what did work-and he will carry that seed with him into adulthood and marriage. What a tremendous legacy you are creating for your family and others whose lives you touch!

Comment by Rochelle J Delain on March 20, 2012 at 10:58am

Great post.  I read a book a few months ago on Margin and it changed my life.  I ended up having to leave a position with hours that impinged on any shred of margin I had (God's doing not mine).  It was devastating and finances were and still are tight but it was so liberating and refreshing.  I discovered just breathing, relaxing, writing again, friendships, and recreation.  I also had more time with my 4 year old son and my hubby.  From reading the book I learned to take regular sabbath rests, and to practice biblical meditation (I believe that was another book though).  In the process I went back into business, doing work I love with hours that are family friendly.  But for me, I would say, one of the biggest breakthroughs I have ever had in creating margin in my life was in realizing that I cannot be all things to all people and cannot and should not do everything.  It was also in learning to say that wonderful 2 letter word...."NO."   Thanks for the post.

Comment by Kim Hall on March 20, 2012 at 7:27am

Thanks, Nate. It is so much fun to write, to encourage and to lead others to what they might need that particular day. Always a challenge, too, to determine how to write to move them to action.

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