"45 Minutes to take out the garbage?"

Yes, this is something my wife asked me over a year ago. I did take out the garbage and it took 45 minutes. Well, the garbage didn't take that long but talking to everyone did. Since then, she doesn't even ask.

I am a high "I" on the DISC personality profile and feel like I am a party just waiting for a place to happen. My association with others is my greatest strength and I have spent years nurturing it.

My daughter is almost 3 and her & I love to "wander" the neighborhood. We will go for walks and end up chatting with Rod about his cars, petting his dog Hank, feeding the fish in his pond. We will then run into Ed and chat about life in general. After that we might stop by the convenience store where we say hello to Crystal and buy a soda and a treat. We will eat the treat on the rock outside then end up in Dan's backyard. There we play basketball and ride the bikes. It's a lot of fun.

This "wandering" drives my wife crazy. She works in Architecture and is a high "C" on the DISC profile. When I was out of town over the summer, she took my daughter for a walk and about went crazy. I laughed (probably not wise).

I share this because as Jared & Dan write in Wisdom meets Passion, "Life is Raw." I value relationships and love my association with others. This "wandering" is one thing that I do well. There is never a plan, it just evolves.

The funny thing about me is that I am also a high "D." The "C" and "S" components barely register. I am either in the mode where time doesn't matter or your better get out of my way because I am a freight train. This also drives my wife crazy. I tell her that I have 2 speeds: Now or Never.


Today on my food blog, I wrote about a local restaurant called Curry Fried Chicken. This is "wandering" to a degree: finding great places and getting to know the owner/cook. http://www.hometownslop.blogspot.com/2012/10/curry-fried-chicken-wh... 

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