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As a Biblical health coach I understand the value of even the smallest effort. In my coaching and my book, Today's the Day, I call it taking “baby steps” and they are powerful indeed. One of the most effective ways to jump-start health is with a cleanse or detox. In fact, it is the first step I suggest and encourage regardless of the health problem. We need to regularly cleanse our spirits, souls and bodies of accumulated toxins.

Spiritually we can pick up toxic beliefs that are not in line with God's Word. It can happen so subtly that we don't even realize it's happened, until we are mired in fear, doubt and unbelief and wondering why. The soul – mind, will and emotions – is fertile ground for toxins. We are assaulted with toxic thoughts, emotions, relationships and conversations that result in toxic decisions and behavior. Physically, air, water and food contribute to our toxic load.

You may think you need to do a 40-day fast and then live in a bubble to avoid toxins, but that's not only impossible (the living in a bubble part anyway) but impractical as well. You may not think 3 days can do much to reverse this condition, but 3 days can be powerful! Three in and of itself is a significant number that indicates completeness. Think about some of the things that were accomplished in the Bible in three days:

The earth was separated from the waters on the 3rd day. (Genesis 1:11-13)

Abraham was commanded to sacrifice his son after a 3-day journey to Mt. Moriah. (Gen. 22:1-4)

God brought a thick darkness upon the land of Egypt for three days. (Exodus 10:22-23)

Jonah was in the belly of the whale 3 days and nights (Matthew 12:40)

Jesus was missing for 3 days when He was twelve years old (Luke 2:46)

Paul was blind and didn't eat or drink for 3 days. (Acts 9:9)

Jesus was raised on the third day (1 Cor. 15:4)

Doing a modified fast for as little as 3 days can very effectively cleanse your body of accumulated toxins and if you combine it with prayer and Bible meditation, it can detox and renew your spirit and soul as well! More isn't always better and it's not even always necessary. Begin where you are and take a baby step. You can do almost anything for 3 days!

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