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Do you have a humorous automotive story to share?

This is a more light-hearted question for you. Do you have a humorous automotive story to share? Something clean of course. Something like, you either asked someone or someone asked you to pick up some headlight fluid or a muffler bearings while at the Car Parts Store since you were out? 

As for me, one story that pops up once in a while was that when I was much younger and attending the local junior college, I worked in an Auto Parts Store here in Florida. It was…


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What would you consider the greatest innovation in your own automotive history?

What would you consider the greatest innovation in your own automotive history? What is that one or two things that you have benefited from directly? I know, not a grand set of questions, but just something to keep the juices flowing. I would say for myself, two things. The first would be Air Conditioning since I live here in Florida. The second would most likely be Cruse Control. It does make long trips that much nicer for myself and usually for the car.

Thanks and have a great…


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Who was your greatest influence in developing your car passion?

Good day everyone. I have another questions for today. Who was your greatest influence in developing your car passion? Was this person a parent, sibling, aunt or uncle, friend, mechanic or someone else altogether? What impact do you think this individual, or even group, have on your future?

I think my Uncle Dave was probably my first and biggest influence. I was quite young, probably four or five years old when this started. He had all of the car magazines, car…


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What is the one car you wish you still had?

This is just a fun question for the day. What is the one car you still wish you had?

Mine, the 1965 Pontiac GTO, of course.  It had a tri-power 389, M-21 four-speed manual transmission and was a whole lot of fun.  

Added by Darren Rayborn on August 21, 2014 at 3:54pm — 2 Comments

Back to my Passion, a Spiritual Journey

Good evening everyone,

I thought I would just post some thoughts about what I seem to be coming back to.  It has also involved soul searching, conversations and more "coincidences" (which I do not believe in).  Something I have found out more so over the past couple of years and much more clearly lately is I am not a multi-tasker.  I can handle a few things within a particular event, but not lots of events with lots of things.  I have even read an article or two saying that…


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First Speaking Engagement at Rotary Club

Good evening everyone,

I just wanted to share that I had my first speaking engagement with the Rotary Club here in San Antonio, Florida.  It was about my stroke story and seemed to touch the folks there.  It was a learning experience for me as well and can't wait for the next sharing time.  The post below is short and sweet, but the story can be found there as well.  See what you think and post a comment there if you like.

Thanks and God bless!!!…


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Why use Saints, Archangels and Angels?

Here is the newest Post on my site, Walk With St Raphael. It might be a bit controversial for some, but not intended to cause any issues, just some thinking. Any questions or comments, let me know. Thanks and God bless.…


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My Stroke Story and Meeting St. Raphael

Hi everyone,

I have finally published my site, albeit not quite complete, as of this past Sunday night.  It is the one year anniversary of my stroke and admittance to the hospital.  

Please take a look and give me your opinion, thoughts, comments and if you think it might help someone, please pass it on.  It is not my story to keep to myself, even though I am the one that went through this "catastrophic" event.  I…


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Who Do You Want to Be and Why?

So, who do you want to be and why?  I was out on my lunch walks and for some odd reason this came to mind.  For quite some time, through various conversations, reading and listening, I have heard this more than once in a while; so I thought this might be something to delve into a bit.  I will tell you my thoughts more towards the end, so just bear with me.

What is so special about someone else, other than you yourself?  What does this “other person” have that you don’t?  Is it the…


Added by Darren Rayborn on September 22, 2012 at 8:48pm — 1 Comment

What's Your Dream Lifestyle?

This question kind of came out of a simple statement I made to another fellow in line at our work café waiting for breakfast.  He mentioned, “The system was working slow today”.  I said; “It is Monday.”  After a moment, I started laughing to myself a bit, a Dreaded Monday perhaps.  We can change this version of Mondays.  Just follow me on this.

Let’s have some fun!  There are going to be lots of questions and you are welcome to write them back on our post.  We are going to…


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Get Over It!

Wow, I must be mean. Just get over it already. Make the decision and jump or climb or whatever, over or under or through it. “It” must be a hurdle of some kind, get over it. What is the hurdle keeping you sitting on the sidelines or cubicle? Is it something too big? Is it something in your past? Are you just comfortable enough NOT to do something? Are you going to sit there the rest of your life and regret not accomplishing your dreams at the end of your life? I am not! I am over…


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Sometimes it just takes...some time.

This is one that is hard for me and maybe even for you.  I had loads of patience when I was younger, in high school and just a few years after that.  It seems like it has just seeped away from me over the years.  Not sure if it is age, maturity (or lack thereof) or what.  Currently, I feel like I should be able to do things NOW and not have to wait for whatever reason there might be out there for something to be done or happen. 

Is it because I am older?  I don’t think so.  I don’t…


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Dogs, Cats and other Critters (My first guest blog post)

Hey folks.

I had the greatest opportunity to guest blog on a dear friend's web site.  It's not my "normal" writing.  Actually, its my first guest blog post!!

Please take a look and let us know what you think. Thanks!


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“My Passion”, from my first guest post writer, Stubbs

I have my first Guest Post Writer, Stubbs.  I am adding the link below.  If you are so inclined, please comment on the web site.


Thank you ahead of time and us know what you think.




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So, we are eating dinner at home and a lively conversation is going on at the dinner table, especially with our two daughters being as loud as they can be.  They know only two volumes typically, LOUD or asleep.  Of course, me being the old-fashioned dad when it comes to slang of the youth and various newer acronyms, I get lost.  Since I have almost 20 years with the Air Force, active and reserve, I know many of the military ones.  Many of those don’t…


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Automobile University

I heard over the years that Zig Ziglar is the one who coined the phrase “Automobile University”.  From the beginning of tapes through CDs and on to iPods and other MP3 players, lives have changed.  It is a great way to feed your mind, and even soul, with positive information and gain an education along the way.  Subjects can vary from cars, business, games, stories and more.  There is even a section in iTunes for Universities and Colleges to place…


Added by Darren Rayborn on May 16, 2012 at 8:08am — 3 Comments

Driving Again

Well, I have finally gained permission from my doctor to drive again. Since the stroke, my wife has pretty much driven me everywhere; most places have been either to medical appointments or church. Not many other places to go around here nor did I really feel like traveling. Ah, but given the opportunity to drive, it did give me some fodder to consider.

Driving. What defines it? This is in regards to cars not golf, sorry guys. Here are a couple of definitions. This is the primary one…


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Getting to the Right Direction

Well, it has been quite some time since I have been on here.  I wanted to go over a few things since my stroke that has helped me decide what I need to do for my future.  I have had a couple of ideas that seem to want to be in the lead, but haven't been able to choose the right one.  I think that has changed finally.  

Let me bring something to the forefront that helped me in my decision, I had a stroke in February this year.  I am doing quite well overall and rehab is going better…


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Last week of 2011!

Wow, we made it this far this year, the last week of 2011. I haven't been involved here like I had planned so that tells me I have to refocus and plan a whole lot better. Does that sound like you too? At least we are in it together.

I think I will start setting up a specific time to set myself down to add a post a week, at a minimum. If that means I have to set up a daily reminder that goes "ding", then so be it. Not sure what I will say each time, but the world is full of thoughts…


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July Fourth Weekend.

Hello again and thanks for reading. This is just a simple blog today. Just wanted to share that we had a pretty relaxing weekend. I didn't do much with the blog as I spent a good bit of time with the wife and kids. Even with building the web sites and businesses, you just got to take the time and enjoy life. Watched a couple of movies, played outside with the little one. Stayed up later than usual, which is quite unusual even for a weekend for me.

I think keeping things in… Continue

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