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Be An MVP At Work Like Steelers' Heath Miller

On December 27, 2012, Heath Miller was voted the Most Valuable Player on the Steelers football team by his teammates. It is the first time in the history of the Steelers' team history that a tight end received this recognition. Miller didn't win this title because of one or two spectacular plays, but because of what he did on every play during the season.

Heath's position as "Tight End" is not one of the more glorious positions in football; they aren't typically making the huge…


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Achieve Your Dream With Chuck Norris' Example

This week I was reading Against All Odds: My Story by Chuck Norris. The story he shares about getting his karate business started reminded me of something Dan Miller is often asked to comment on during his weekly podcasts. Often someone who is working for an employer gets filled with entrepreneurial spirit and asks Dan how to get out of their job and afford their lifestyle while building their business.

They are caught in a scenario where they have a great idea and a strong business…


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A Huge Thank You To Dan

Dan - I didn't want 2012 to end without sending you a huge THANK YOU. I know you touch the lives of thousands of people each week, and I realize it would be impossible for you to hear each one of our stories and the specifics of the positive influence you've had on each one of us.


This was a brutal year for me when it came to career and business, but it is going to end well and I have lots of people to thank. You in particular, Dan, deserve a special note.


I'm not kidding…


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Hey you. You in the suit.

I recently wrote an article for The Quarter Roll titled, Will How I Look Affect Getting Job Offers?. In the article I refer to not one, but many studies that have proven time and time again that your physical appearance does affect how strangers (hiring managers) form their initial opinion of you. In one study, participants rated attractive people as more trustworthy and… Continue

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Are your unemployed friends contagious?

The catch phrase the new movie Contagion uses in its advertising is "Nothing spreads like fear". In the movie the population panics when more and more people start to catch a virus that seems to torture its victims with horrible sickness prior to bringing on death. As with past virus movies the heroes race to find the source of the epidemic and then create a cure.

A similar movie, 1995's Outbreak, showed the military closing off an entire town that was infected with a virus. It…


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