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#1 Enemy of Productivity?

What is the #1 enemy of productivity?  





It could be any of those but I often find the number #1 enemy for many clients is perfectionism. Seriously. Why? Because if you feel you need to do…


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Where is the Story in Your Business?

I was consulting with a business owner recently who has a gift for seeing the story, the message in everything that his business does.  You might find that hard to believe if you knew his business.  He cleans. You know, offices, homes, dorms, new construction.  Bathrooms, bedrooms,…


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What's Next?

Now that you know who your clients are, the next question is: where can you find them? Knowing who they are should give you direction. If your clients work a 9-5 job, where can you find them after hours? Are they at the gym? On the golf course? Are they working moms who are…


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Looking for Clients in all the Wrong Places?

In my line of work as a career and business coach, I talk with a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs who aren’t making the sales that they expected.  Heck they aren’t even making enough sales to justify their business as a business rather than a hobby. Many are confused and discouraged. They…


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Just waiting to see what happens?

One thing I’ve spent a lot of time talking with individual clients, schools and businesses about is setting goals.  If that makes you sigh with frustration, I bet you’ve been required to meet a sales goal or a self improvement goal or something similar at work and you might be thinking,…


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Been doing it too long to change now?

Have you ever said,  “I’ve been doing it this way too long to change”?

I recently decided to learn a new sport:  pickle ball.  I attended my first impromptu lesson at a pickle ball free play court last week.  A visiting player and pickle ball instructor showed me the basics…


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Lead from where you are

You’ve finally identified your passion, your talent, your skill…

You know how you want to serve others


What if you aren’t good enough?

What if you don’t know everything you need to know?

What if you need more training, degrees,…


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How to be Happy

There are plenty of reasons to be unhappy…

You hate your job but don’t see any better options.

You are sick and the treatment isn’t working.

You are having problems in your relationship; with your partner, with your kids, with friends. 

Seriously, I could go on…


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Getting Clarity is Hard

Prior to each coaching session with a client, I send a clarity tool to complete and return to me beforehand.  In a recent session, a client told me what a struggle it is for her to complete the tool each time. “You should write a blog about that form,” she said.  “I put off filling it out…


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Are You a Boss or a Leader?

Lots of the clients that I work with supervise others.  

Principals guide their schools.

Teachers manage their students. 

Managers direct workers.  

Owners of businesses supervise their employees.

Here’s an important question for anyone in any of these…


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Given up on Your Vision?

I had good intentions but…

I lost my focus and my emotions took over…

There was no time to follow through…

I feel like giving up…

What do you do when you have a vision, set an intention, make a goal…

and then stuff happens? You know what I…


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Should You Hire a Coach or DIY?

Have you thought about hiring a coach, but wonder if you really need one?

Couldn’t you could just do it yourself?

Or maybe you could read one of those self-help books and just do what it says?

After all… how hard could it be?

Here are some thoughts to help you…


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I have a new baby, a business and a special needs 12 year old… I’m overwhelmed.

My business is really taking off.  I have more work than I can do and I can’t find good help.  I’m so afraid I can’t do it all and will let people down!

My biggest challenge is just stepping out…


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In January of this year, I adopted a dog.  I hadn’t exactly planned to do it.  However, I hadn’t planned not to either. I offered to foster a dog during a snowy weekend when the local shelter was trying to get most of the dogs out into foster homes for a short time. So just to help out,…


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What is Your Leadership Style?

“I’m not really a people person,”  a leader at one of my DISC training sessions told me. A coworker was surprised.  

Many of us have the expectation that anyone in a leadership role must be a D personality style (dominant, decisive, doer, determined) or an I personality style…


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4 Ways to Build and Bond Your Team

As I work with schools in providing staff and parent engagement training, a question that often comes up on the part of principals is, “How can I help my grade level teams work more effectively and productively together?”    Or as one principal told me, “Some of my teams don’t function as…


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Why Mindset Matters

Change begins within and moves outward. 

At the three month mark in my coaching program, I ask clients to reflect back on their accomplishments. Why?  There are several reasons:

  • I am results and goal oriented and I want to make sure that we are on…

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Is it the Right Time?

At my recent Create Your Life Vision Board workshop I asked the participants what inspired them to come. Here are some of the answers:

“This opportunity appeared just when lots of other things were coming together for me. I just felt…


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When Vision Boards Don’t Work

“Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision is…


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What is Your Vision for Your Future?

“I’ve drawn a line in the sand.  I’m quitting this job at the end of the year, come hell or high water.”

“This is absolutely the last time I’m working a holiday season.”  

“I can’t take the stress any more.  I’m retiring at the end of the school year.”



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