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Is Your Name Superman?

I absolutely love this scene from a recent issue of Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye.

Think about this for a minute in relation to the hats you wear in life...

  • Entrepreneur
  • Employee
  • Dad or Mom
  • Son or Daughter
  • Athlete

How do you see it? Is it a Label or a Challenge?

I suggest you look at it as a challenge. That outlook will change your life.



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What Would Marcus Lemonis Do?

My wife and I love watching The Profit with Marcus Lemonis.

I just moved locations to be closer to a big new client that made it financially worthwhile to switch geographical spots for a bit. We traded the mountains for the ocean and are now back in Myrtle Beach SC.

As I get started with this new client, I'm digging through their finances, systems, good habits, bad habits, and piles of useless…


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39 Days Until We're Homeless in Chattanooga

In 39 days my family might be homeless in Chattanooga TN.

For the whole story you can start the series HERE.

Since the first e-mail yesterday, I've been getting some questions. I'll answer them here, because I'm sure many of you are wondering the same things.

"What about your business?"

It's a…


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40 Days Until We're Homeless in Chattanooga

In 40 days my family might be homeless in Chattanooga TN.

Me, my wife, and our five kids make a family of seven, with kids ranging from 12yo down to 2  months. We’re getting kicked out of our 3 bedroom apartment because we go over the 2-person-per-bedroom rule, even though one of the kids is just an infant. That also means we can’t rent another 3 bedroom place and local 4 bedroom houses are out of our budget.

I don’t know what we’re going to…


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What is Adventure?

Dictionary.com defines it as both a noun and a verb.

It's an exciting or very unusual experience, participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises, a bold, usually risky undertaking, a hazardous action of uncertain outcome.

It's also to risk or hazard, to take the chance of or dare, or to venture.

Those all sound very exciting.

They also fit well in line with what we consider to be proper adventures. Most of us only look at adventure in the stereotypical…


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I Look Like a Big Hairy Chicken in the Bod Pod Egg

Check me out in the Bod Pod! I look like a big bearded chicken.

David-Powers-Bod Pod-2

I first read about the Bod Pod device in Tim Ferriss' book 4 Hour Body. He praised it as one of the most accurate body fat measurement devices around. I'd done the caliper thing before, but always wanted to try the pod. When I found out that Coastal Carolina University, a local…


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Choose Your Own Adventure- The Mystery of the Homebrewing Beekeeper

Welcome to the first installment of the Choose Your Own Adventure profiles I'll be doing at drdavidpowers.com.

My focus in life and business is to seek adventure, but that may not mean what you're thinking. Most people think adventure only refers to danger and excitement, but it doesn't have to. My intent with these interviews is to show that adventure can be wherever you find something new and different.

Meet Jim…

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You’re too old, fat, ugly, skinny, bald, or whatever to make it.

That title is from a myth I busted in my book Breaking into Acting.

It's really not true. As a matter of fact, you may succeed in what you want to do simply because you look different. I do. I'm the only guy on the conference circuit not afraid to rock a fierce, long red Viking beard.

All those other guys out there doing motivational speaking and leadership seminars think a nice suit makes up for a lack of…


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The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod (Redbeard’s Reading List)

Welcome to the next entry in Redbeard’s Reading List!

The next book I’d like to mention for this series is The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. I finished it last night while sitting on the edge of a huge field while my 9yo son's track team had their field day. Spoiler- the girls totally crushed the boys in tug of war.

The book was recommended by my friend …


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What's Better than a Punch in the Face?

I'll tell you what's better than a punch in the face...being ready for that punch in the face.

You see, most people set goals, but then give up on those goals when something bad happens. We refer to those times as “getting punched in the face”.

I got punched in the face recently when we lost the financing for a house. We've been living 4 kids and 2 parents in a three bedroom apartment for two years. One of those bedrooms is my office. Now that baby Sherlock is here, we're 5…


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Baby Number 5 is Here!

I know you've gotten accustomed to a new blog post each week, and I wanted to apologize for not having a new one this week. In lieu of a new post, I'll show you a picture of my excuse for being so busy today.

Sherlock Watson Powers was born last week. Even though he's our fifth child, each one takes a little getting used to. What I'm finding more difficult than I expected is staying up all night as a 42-year-old.

Next week...the first week of each month I…


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Essentialism: the Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown (Redbeard’s Reading List)

Welcome to the first entry in Redbeard's Reading List!

The first book I'd like to mention for this series is Essentialism by Greg McKeown. I just read it recently on the recommendation of my friend Paul Grau at Current Leadership Coaching.

For years I've experimented with minimalism because of a desire to not be overwhelmed and inundated with stuff. It helped me rid…


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Are You Utilizing Small Teams in Your Business?

The notion of small team leadership isn't new by any stretch, as you can see from the image below that comes from a decades old military manual.

After its successful use in recent years by special operations troops, many businesses, government entities, and even churches are seeing its benefits and practical applications.

Are you currently working with a small team concept?

Have you tried small teams in the past?

Do you know which one of the…


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What does getting punched in the face have to do with goals?

In case you haven't been checking in with them or didn't know, every Friday here at my office is Facepunch Friday. It's the day we celebrate proper goal-setting in the face of adversity.

Because goal-setting often involves change and plans gone awry, that's why we highlight the facepunch, in honor of the famous Mike Tyson quote...

Your goals will likely never go according to plan, so that's why we plan for the problems. Here at the office we call…


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Best Teambuilding Movies?

I need some input from you on the best teambuilding movies out there. I'd love to get some ideas from you before I put together a poll to vote on the top ten.

My only caveat is that it has to be at least a small team and not a couple. For small team I'd go with 5 or more.

Here's some ideas from my end...

  • Oceans 11 series
  • Uncommon Valor
  • Expendables
  • Ronin
  • Reservoir Dogs
  • Mission:…

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There's No Reason to Quit a Uniformed Job if You Don't Want To

It doesn't matter if you're a cop, EMT, firefighter, or a soldier. There may come a time when an injury, a boss, or the bureaucracy try to force you out. They may very well do it, too.

  • Disability hearing goes the wrong way.
  • All of a sudden you're not promotable.
  • The new chief wants a younger guy in your position.

There are a million reasons you may get booted, but it doesn't mean you have to leave uniformed service if you don't…


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How Much Money Did Your Business Make in the First Month of the Year? Mine Made...

How wide open are you with your business and your numbers? How wide open do you need to be?

I just finished up an awesomely productive three days with Ryan McRae of ADHD Nerd. I profiled him recently in one of my Success Stories. We worked on a lot of things. I kept him on track a little and helped him escape to the Hot Chocolatier…


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Here's Your Chance to be Featured in the New Edition of My Rapid Skill Development Book!

I need your help with a project I’m working on. My book Rapid Skill Development 101 was published several years ago. The book hit several best-seller categories on Amazon, such as education and psychology, but it’s in need of updating.

Since the book came out I’ve had a few of the readers send me their stories after using it, but I would like to add more for a bigger and more helpful expanded edition. I’m also planning on adding examples of other careers that I’ve had coaching clients…


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Success Profiles- Ryan McRae, Chief Nerd at ADHD Nerd

I coach people in high risk/high stress occupations and help them find enjoyable second careers after spending time in uniform. Because of that, I enjoy coming across success stories of folks who hit the ground running after their time downrange.

This is another in a series of profiles I’ll be presenting. I hope it encourages you and provides the motivation you need to keep moving forward.

Enter Ryan McRae, Chief Nerd at ADHD…


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Jack Reacher on Military Drifters

I'm a huge fan of the Jack Reacher series of books by Lee Child. The movies are so-so, but the books are a superb look into the mind of a professional military man turned drifter. For those of you in my age bracket, it's like The Equalizer meets David Carradine's Kung Fu.

I recently read The Affair, and there's a section in the book where Reacher talks about military bums. I want you to read it and feel free to let me know what you think. I served in both the Marine…


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