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FYV 218 Comedy as a ministerial calling? For funny man James Stephens iii, it’s all a joke.

Show summary: (Academically trained as an attorney, funny man James Stephens iii had to follow his passion and create a better way for at-risk students.) …


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A new job or a new perspective?

Reflection: What about you? What will help you develop a new and exciting perspective? What book can you read? What conversation can you participate in? Who can you reach about to?

When you…


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Today's reflection (part 2) - Pictures in motion

Last week, we challenged you to come up with ideas of what you wanted to see as part of your future.

Some people have shared with us places in which they’d like to live; experiences they’d like to have;…


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Today's reflection - Can a personal crisis reveal more than what's on the surface?

While it’s not always in the tidiest and neatest of packages, passions can be birthed from unlikely places.

Losing her mother to breast cancer at age nine roused a passion in her that is more alive and vibrant than ever before; a passion to bring healing and restoration through alternative health practices.…


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Show 074: Finding your Voice - Playing to his heartstrings

His emotions overtook him as we wrapped up our interview; his tears giving way to reality of his coming full circle. (Jump to the show.)


And what started for him as a cry for direction and guidance, will turn into his finest hour.


Composer and musician Ted Yoder returns to the place where his dreams…


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Show 043 Finding your Voice - A more powerful version of her

She was taken by surprise at the question.


I simply asked if she had noticed any irregularities or abnormalities in her health stemming from the occupational mismatch she came to talk about.


And, while initially she said she hadn’t, as she began to grow into her awareness, discovering and recovering some of her best features and enduring qualities, she noticed certain…


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Tuesday's reflection - You at your best... Who would want that?

We had put together the pieces of the career coaching puzzle and were finishing up the business planning part of the process. (Jump to the full article and share your thoughts.)


She had a better understanding of what she had to offer and…


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Finding Clarity

One of our client's shares a piece of what she discovered in the early part of the coaching…


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"Oxygen" Daily Insights - October 11, 2010

A breath of fresh air comes quickly from those that support your dreams
and passions; a room filled with critics and naysayers seals off all
ventilation. -jb

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"What the heart wants" Daily Insights - September 3, 2010

One reason people are afraid to pursue their passions is because at first glance, they mistakenly take them for desires that are not sanctified. -jb

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"J-O-B from G-O-D" Daily Insights - July 3, 2010

Your occupation is the job someone gave you in exchange for a paycheck.

Your vocation is the job God has given you in exchange for so much more. -jb

Your vocation will never be found by looking to external sources: gigantic Internet job boards, the Sunday paper’s classified section, or governmental forecasts of upcoming employment trends.

The job God gave you to do will be revealed when you take the time to clearly understand your skills and abilities,…


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365 Daily Insights -- May 11, 2010

To stretch the limits of one’s creativity is to design your own masterpiece. To paint by numbers, makes a nice picture. -jb

As you grow into a new awareness of your talents, passions, and desires, while you may need to build a foundation using the maps and guidelines drawn out for you by others, don't get stuck there.

Continue to grow and develop. You can't afford not to.

Walking the line of compliance and…


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One woman's journey to the work she loves ...

Academically trained and professionally placed as an elementary schoolteacher, Heather and I started working together in 2009.

To the casual observer, being a schoolteacher may give off the appearance of an ideal job, (and for many, it may be),…


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365 Daily Insights -- April 8, 2010

To take the course of least resistance is to run downhill with the wind gusting at your back. To take the path of no resistance is to not run at all, but to glide.

The path of no resistance is available every day of every year, if only more people would walk it.

I’m not talking about no resistance from other people as there will always be doubters and naysayers.

This is something far more important; no resistance from yourself.

This path begins to reveal…


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365 Daily Insights-February 10

To search for your calling, outside of yourself, is like looking for diamonds in a silver mine.

You’ll probably find some shiny nice things, but you’ll miss out on the rel treasure. -JB

Stephen Covey says that a person’s calling is when their talents, fuel their passions, and solve a greater need. He didn’t

mention anything about jobs, occupations, or companies.

Have you seen a need in your church, community, town, or region that pulls…


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