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How to Escape Misery and Find Joy in Work Again

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This article originally appeared on my blog: Moving Forward…


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It's a Calling, Not a Siren

Several years ago, I felt compelled to write a book. It was a good book but not a best seller. I didn’t even set out remotely with that goal in mind. Truthfully, I wrote it because I believed the stories we never really get to know, the history behind the people that cross our paths, the stereotypes we create before the facts make all the difference in who we permit in our lives.

One More Serving was perhaps a journey to prove something to myself; we all have…


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Group Leader
The Power of Someone Who Believes in You

You’ve been thinking about it a long time and finally,


at long last,

you’ve shared your dream with someone.



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Perhaps it is time to leave your job


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How To Own Your Stage at Any Age

This past week I had the opportunity to see Billy Joel in concert for yet another time. A lover of both his music and lyrics, I may have easily seen him perform 6 or more times in my life. He drew a sell out crowd, sounded just as  good or perhaps even better  than I rememember and as I watched him woo a crowd that spanned generations with grandparents clapping alongside their grandchildren, it was hard to…


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Have YOU Taken the Mirror Test?

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who sees the person following their call?

cat in mirror

I see some grey and more crows feet. I see someone still giving it a shot on the…


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Back to my Passion, a Spiritual Journey

Good evening everyone,

I thought I would just post some thoughts about what I seem to be coming back to.  It has also involved soul searching, conversations and more "coincidences" (which I do not believe in).  Something I have found out more so over the past couple of years and much more clearly lately is I am not a multi-tasker.  I can handle a few things within a particular event, but not lots of events with lots of things.  I have even read an article or two saying that…


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Win A Free Copy of An Autographed John Maxwell Book!

Have you ever given up on trying to find your passion?

I have.

We Quit

Andee Duncan via Compfight

Once, I almost gave up on …


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Enlist and Excel

Purposeful Pathway Biz Tip: Enlisting with Excellence

Image courtesy tungphoto at www.freedigitalphotos.net…


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Water Your Ideas Too

I read this blog post by Tim Ferris about some fantastic ideas that took off and are grossing 300K+ a month, some much higher… These are start-ups, some who have never done this before that saw a need, got really excited about it, and just went after it.

When you look at success stories like these, it’s easy to get our minds thinking negative self doubting thoughts about what’s…


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[Purposeful Pathway Radio] Wisdom Meets Passion



[Purposeful Pathway Radio]…


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Finding Your Voice


Finding Your Voice on Purposeful Pathway Radio

Purposeful Pathway Radio is a haven for heart-centered entrepreneurs. It is a pathway on which to embrace God’s message of peace,…


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3 Kinds of Skills You Need to Love Your Job

In seventh grade I was chosen to be something called a peer counselor. I had no idea what this was at the time.

All I knew was that I liked being able to get out of school to go to a nice hotel with free pastries for a day of peer counselor training.


It turned out the training helped us learn some skills to counsel other kids who were dealing with problems they didn’t…


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Learn Act Share


Peter Ferguson shares on Purposeful Pathway Radio!

(Jump to the Purposeful Pathway Radio Blog Post)…


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When Delay is Actually a Good Thing


Watch Video Above, or  Click Here to Listen to the Podcast, or Read the Blog Below!



I love roller coasters, I truly do! I used to draw them when I was little. I would make my own designs of what the most awesome roller coaster would look…


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An Orange Doesn’t Have to Be Annoying

You can watch the video above, click hereto download the podcast, or read the content below… Enjoy!



Almost rhetorically asking, “How many of you have ever…


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48Days.net- A Great Way to Connect!

One of the best decisions I made early on in my blogging career was to join the forums at 48Days.net. I discovered the forum by purchasing Dan Miller's best-selling book, "48 Days to The Work You Love". The book guided me to visit to Dan's featured site- 48days.com and it was there I learned of the opportunities to connect with other people at 48days.net.…


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Living Beyond Rich on Purposeful Pathway


The Iron Jen shares Living Beyond Rich on Purposeful Pathway Radio!



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Poetry, Passion, Purpose and a Pathway!

Poetry, Passion and the P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Process...

on Purposeful Pathway Radio!


Many have asked about my poetry…


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Passion Chasing or Stretching?

I have always felt a passion for writing and teaching. I just find I am happier when I am doing one of the two some what continuously. Well, earlier this year I decided I would start a blog because I was inspired by an Epictetus quote that said " If you want to be a writer, then write." Well i found that blogging is not as easy as I thought. You have to learn a whole new writing style and teach yourself to not look at numbers, followers, etc...definitely challenging.

If I were a high… Continue

Added by Jason McManus on November 12, 2012 at 8:53pm — 2 Comments

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