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The Rust Belt Chronicles is a result of witnessing, watching and learning the habits of the Industrial Age mindset. The years of going from a boom town to perhaps the new (move over Youngstown, Ohio) - "The Rust Belt Capital of the World" in sunny Mansfield, Ohio has taught me not to accept the rerun of "Ground Hog Day" from the rust belt theater.

The mindset isn't limited to the remaining or former factory employees. Over the years, it…


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Eight Reasons Why Having No Regrets is Regrettable

Greetings, 48Dayers!

In my post-Olympics withdrawals I got to thinking about this phrase, "no regrets." I suppose I heard it during the 17 days of festivities. Maybe I saw it somewhere else. Doesn't matter.

I posted some reflections on the topic on our website, www.PrepareForRain.com, which was built for us by Missy Stauffer and Anna Cook, of iSimplify. That's the same team that works with Dan Miller on this site. I met Missy last…


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Reflections from The Global Leadership Summit

My brochure for the 2012 Global Leadership Summit says "The Global Leadership Summit exists to transform Christian leaders around the world with an injection of vision, skill development and inspiration."  They were not kidding!

When I first heard about the Summit, I pictured in my mind it was only for pastors or church leaders.  That thought stayed with me but it…


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Why I Write

This is my official hello blog post; my name is Brian Ives, husband to a great wife, father of two great kids, a Youth Pastor and someone who loves to think.  I thought I would take a post and explain why it is that I write.

            I would have to go back many years to find a time when I did…


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 Even if you don't need  a whole new Business Concept  Creativity can be useful for marketing Advertising and a host of other things. I enjoy reading books on the subject of creativity and I will share with you some I know about. "THINK INSIDE THE BOX is one that is available from www.earlytorise.com .It was a bit expensive andthe drawback is you need to have a partial Base or idea with which to begin. BRAINWORKS is another book that can help by…


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Where Do You Live?

There's a commercial for an insurance company that urges people to “get to a better State today.” I was thinking about that and it made me ask myself the question that titles this post.

You hear people talk about being…


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"God really is the God of heart"

I want to share a very moving thing I witnessed this morning in a children’s Sunday School class.  But first I hope you’ll bear with me as I provide a little background on the child who is central to this story.

 My good friend Wes Hutchins teaches about 12-13 mostly 5th- and 6th graders.  Around the round table were Wes’s own kids as well.  Sitting next to Wes (always sitting next to Wes) was his very special needs 10-year-old son, Kyle.  Though Kyle’s mind is…


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Break the Routine - Enjoy the Change

Three weeks ago, I realized that while I was holding a steady beat with my time2revive blog, I was still missing something else that God wanted me to do. I wrote a daily message with the intent of helping others and in return, God was using this time to show me so much more! Even as I am currently writing this, I pray that God will continue to use me in a positive light as an encouragement! Let me take you back three weeks ago, where yet another God induced change took place in my…


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Give Praise, But Only When They Earn It

“An honest man is hurt by praise unjustly bestowed”

Praise is important, and giving it shouldn't be held back when it is due. It's that "when it is due" part that gets lost way too often. Too many leaders and managers are giving people praise at the drop of a hat, or because some quota…


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Siam Orchid Restaurant: Fancy name, very un-fancy food!

For my birthday lunch it was my choice of restaurant. Craving Thai food at the time of decision, I picked "The Thai Garden." Upon arrival, we noticed that "The Thai Garden" no longer exists. The sign had been undelicately altered  to show that the new name was "Siam Orchid Restaurant."



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Eleven Reasons to be Positive ...

by Pete Ferguson

There is only one thing you can control in this life. You can't control politicians (although you can vote and speak up), you can't control the weather (but you can decide in which climate to live), and you can't control others - but you can control your attitude and you do make a thousand decisions a day on what your attitude…


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155 Powerful Living – The answer is in the question.

While we didn’t have a coaching session scheduled for that particular afternoon, through some force of nature, (Divine intervention, planetary alignment, El Nino, global warming, global cooling, or just dumb luck), there…


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Anywhere You Want to Go – Monday Motivation

To listen to the audio of this blog you can Click Here!

Nicholas at Legoland…


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Don't Forget

I am a woman of faith.  I proudly announce this, and I lean on this faith for all of my life.  My journey with Momma, as we discover the many facets of Alzheimer’s type dementia, has been made lighter and easier because of this faith.  Whether your faith is of utmost importance or not, I hope you will read on.

I recently pondered a statement in my church bulletin.  The scripture was Psalm 103:1, “Bless the Lord, O my soul.”  So, it is my duty to bless the Lord.  We often want the…


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Menopause and Necklaces

I am old enough to be experiencing menopause, and “NO” you don’t need to know any more than that.  So, don’t ask!  This week I was dressed in a nice business appropriate outfit, complete with necklace, bracelet, rings, earrings, and probably a scarf.  I do love my scarves!  As I live in the South and it is mid August, the temperature was (how shall I tactfully say this?) hot as… a well-heated pot belly stove.  I removed the necklace and placed it on the passenger seat of my car.  It slid…


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I Know the Plans I Have for You


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to…


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Thinking about FAIL in my classroom.

New post today at andylammers.wordpress.com about teaching science! http://wp.me/2wAgG

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Would You Trade Passion To Be Able to Hear Again?

For over twenty years, I abandoned my passion for barefoot water skiing until my husband sent me a link to a TODAY show segment featuring a 66-year-old woman barefooting: …


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My latest creation

This is my latest creation in my business - Special Occasion Cakes.  This iPhone cake was a triple flavor - chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla covered in black butter cream and fondant with fondant app pictures.  So far I have been working out of my home under the Cottage Laws.…


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