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Teri Miller
  • 48, Female
  • Woodland Park, CO
  • United States

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Teri Miller's Discussions

Relearning How To Be Online

Started this discussion. Last reply by Diana Bader May 18, 2014. 5 Replies

Feedback on a talk I just did???

Started this discussion. Last reply by Teri Miller Apr 7, 2014. 8 Replies


Mommy Sabbatical -- Teri Miller


I'm a heart-on-my-sleeve, granola-crunchy, soapbox-preaching, religion-rebelling, badass-mommy-of-seven, Christ-seeker.

I believe being a Mom is the most profoundly important job in the world. I'm currently getting a Masters degree in Psychology (Child Development), and am pursuing a research project on Fatigue Mitigation in Motherhood...cause, by golly, we mothers are epidemically exhausted, and it's time to do somethin' about it!

Wife of Kevin Miller ( http://www.FreeAgentUprising.com )
Mommy to Caleb Daniel (almost 19), Autumn Grace (17), Eliza Joy (14), Ian Nathanael (9), Canyon Joshua (7), Serene Eliana (5), and Nekoda Scott (3)

Mommy Sabbatical provides a variety of restful, rejuvenating retreats designed to give moms the break they so desperately need!

Profile Information

How did you hear about 48Days.NET, and what do you hope to get out of being a part of this community?
Daughter-in-law of Dan & Joanne...married to their oldest son, Kevin!
I'm just now getting plugged in here, as I launch my first-ever business endeavor, Mommy Sabbatical, LLC.
What is your current work situation? Employee, self-employed, generating any income on your own?
Chief Collaboration Coordinator (and owner) of Mommy Sabbatical, LLC...
Pursuing my master's degree in psychology, Child Development Research focus.
Above all - Mommy to 7 amazing kids!
And then...what is your goal/dream for your work life?
There are so many retreats, books, speakers, & programs out there, trying to offer moms the "five easy steps to being a better mother."

But seriously? Moms are so stinkin' exhausted, what they need more than all the be-a-better-mother-programs in the world, is a good night's sleep! We feel guilty enough about the ways we don't measure up; the cold-cereal dinners, the last-mom-to-the-field-trip angst, and the early morning get-dressed-yell-fest... we certainly don't need another to-do list. We need some rest, a little pampering, downtime, and a shower without fear of toddler-meltdown, for crying out loud!

Mommy Sabbatical is an opportunity for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. There is no agenda, no study, no speaker, no guilt-inducing message to take home.

The unique, remarkable, VITAL message and offering of Mommy Sabbatical is this:
Take a break from the ones you love, so you can love 'em better.
You are worth it. You know you need it. LOVE the Mommy you are!

(your kids will thank you later....)
How about your personal life? Any specific goals or achievements or dreams you are pursuing (or want to pursue)?
There are about 5 or 6 books rolling around in my head, and twice as many soapbox speeches...mostly about motherhood, being a woman, and the guilt-games that keep us imprisoned. My heart about bursts with love & longing for children to be held & encouraged - only eclipsed by how much love & longing I have for MOMS to be held & encouraged!!

One of my biggest personal goals is financial freedom.
I am daring to hope that Mommy Sabbatical, LLC is going to be the tool for finally bringing financial peace into my life and family.

I also dream of creating a business that runs independently of my constant presence and micro-managing...so that my daughters can one day inherit a well-functioning business to own or sell.

I see Mommy Sabbatical as an avenue for achieving several of my personal goals:
- publish books
- inspire and encourage women through speaking at conferences
- financial freedom
- personal growth, confidence, and independence
- security of savings and retirement accounts
- pursuit of doctorate, and research on fatigue mitigation in motherhood
- personal practice of Mommy Sabbatical concepts, as I parent my seven kids
What would you say are your strongest talents? How are you 'wired' and what can you offer to the world (it's OK if you don't know yet, but knowing is key to pursuing your dreams!)?
Nothing sets my heart a'beating like reaching out to an exhausted, overwhelmed mom with a gentle hand & reassuring words of hope & encouragement.

I'm wired high I, high D - love being with people, energized by goal-oriented projects, not very detail-oriented, and even less steady/even-keel. Yikes. My poor husband. I know, right?!
Do you have a website presence anywhere?
Are you interested in finding a better job, starting a business, growing your current business, writing a book, blogging, podcasting, coaching, speaking, sales & marketing, or something else?
If you have a product or service to promote (now or in the near future) this is your shot to state it! Say all you'd like:
Mommy Sabbatical: Take a break from the ones you love, so you can love 'em better! (your kids will thank you later...)
Feel free to share your Twitter name, Facebook page, and any other social media way to connect with you!

twitter - Mommy Sabbatical

Teri Miller's Blog

On Concussions, Whiplash, and Getting Hit By the Unexpected

Posted on May 10, 2014 at 6:30pm 6 Comments

“They’re coming up fast! They’re coming up fast!!!


I’m slumped forward; blood is splattered everywhere. My friend Sarah twists around to reach into the back seat, searching for a packet of tissues in her bag. She hands me…


Science of Mommy Sabbatical

Posted on April 5, 2014 at 9:13pm 4 Comments

I was up way too late last night. Working on the budget; woohoo.

Then the sweet, melodic, squawling voice of my oh-so-precious toddler woke me early this morning. Apparently his sister wasn’t making Aragorn the Lego-man say the right…


The Trust Leap

Posted on March 29, 2014 at 11:33am 6 Comments

I’m not a very trusting person.

Stuffing and pretending and complaining only get you so far, y’know? And after 44 years of leaping frantically back & forth between control and victimization -

I’m realizing how little I really know about trust.

So I…


First-Ever Mommy Sabbatical Retreat!

Posted on March 23, 2014 at 10:52pm 5 Comments

  So it’s the big day. 

I’m at the lodge by myself; 2:30pm, three hours before the first group of Mommy Sabbatical guests is set to arrive. And it’s a complete blizzard outside. We’re talking total whiteout.

No one’s gonna come. They’re all gonna want a refund. This is gonna utterly bomb. Sh#&.

Then Kristy shows up. Early. To help set up, to bring…


"Giving My Life to Jesus" -- What Does This Look Like For My Kids???

Posted on January 27, 2009 at 11:42am 3 Comments

As in many Christian families, our children have been inundated with the Word of God, prayer, worship music, etc, since the day they were born. Kevin & I have always prayed over them, with them, and for them. We've stayed fairly consistent with having family devotions and prayer time since the oldest kids were toddlers. The children have seen & experienced first-hand the miraculous, providing, healing Hand of God in our lives. They all know & sing a handful of hymns & worship… Continue

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At 3:06pm on May 20, 2014, Randy Dobbs said…

Thank you for becoming my friend,

Randy Dobbs


At 1:51pm on May 6, 2014, Vickie Smith said…

thanks for the friend request. I find essential oils are amazing for helping with fatigue and motherhood.  Emotional Healing these guys wrote an amazing book all about using oils for addressing a multitude of emotions we all deal with.  I don't check in here often enough but thanks for connecting!  

At 10:07am on March 29, 2014, Josh Bulloc said…

Sorry Teri for taking so long to accept your friend request. I had a laptop stolen making it difficult to get on here. By the way, do you have any conferences you plan to attend in the near future?

At 6:45am on March 29, 2014, Erin Casey said…

Hi Teri, 

Thanks for the friend request! I'm honored that Dan suggested we talk. He has had a tremendous influence on my business and my life! I'm so grateful for Dan and Joanne. :)

I'm happy to visit with you about your book, but yes, the 8 Weeks to Authorship program is a great place to start. It will help you develop clarity about your book project and create an outline and plan so you can actually get it done. I also offer one-on-one coaching if you need/want personal guidance and input throughout your project.

As far as editing goes, I offer what I call developmental editing. It's in depth and really is meant to get your manuscript in the best, most professional condition before publishing. My fee includes a copy editor (before layout) and a round with a proof reader (after layout) so you end up having three different people review the book. 

If you have questions or just want to chat, we can connect on Skype or via email. 

I hope it's warming up in Colorado. Just seeing pictures of all that snow makes me cold! :) 



At 5:23am on March 28, 2014, Erin Casey said…

Hi Terri,

I wanted to send a quick welcome from the Write it Forward group. We're glad you're here... as you can tell by the celebration of you being the 1500th member! 

The group's discussion forum is packed with information. It’s a great place to ask questions and to get feedback on your work and ideas. If you haven't already, jump into the conversations and let us know how we can help you reach your writing goals.

Happy writing!

Erin Casey
Feeling stuck? Get 5 free tips for overcoming writer's block at www.mywritersconnection.com

At 5:21am on March 27, 2014, Archie Winningham said…

Hey Ms. Teri,

Thanks for the friend request! I humbly accept. It was pretty awesome meeting you in person at INNOVATE! NOW, I need to meet in person that awesome husband of yours. 

Thanks again, and talk to ya soon,


At 5:52pm on March 26, 2014, Pei Kang said…

yeah Teri!

At 10:13am on December 14, 2009, Heidi Walker said…

Would you be interested a visitor builder group? It is designed to get more actual visitors to your blog. Let me know and I will send you the link. It is simple and completely free.

You do have to promote it yourself. That would be part of why it is FREE.

Heidi Walker
AVON Indep Sales Rep
http://www.youravon.com/hwalkerDelete Comment
At 4:28pm on May 24, 2009, Joanne Miller said…
Thanks, Teri for the beautiful comment on my recent blog. So glad you are an advocate of Gift From The Sea. It is a book I often give as a birthday gift to friends. love you, jfm
At 6:33pm on May 21, 2009, Angy Shabuki said…
Hi Teri!
I am retiring from being a Nanny for 20yrs. To read about you that motherhood is a vocation is wonderful. I have been a " mom " by profession and have to agree with you that it has been the most rewarding job ever. Now I want to follow my dream, fashion design.

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