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Kathey liked Robert Clinton's group 180 Degrees to Your Calling
Nov 5, 2012
Kathey replied to Sam Burton's discussion Transcript Software in the group Write It Forward - REAL Success & Profit for Writers!
"No, however I'm checking, too. I plan on checking at our church. They seem to be using something new that seems to be doing a good job, better than the last. I'm wanting something for myself as well. I do overly fond of the Dragon…"
Nov 25, 2011
Kathey replied to Cliff Feightner's discussion Does Facebook own the comments made there? in the group Write It Forward - REAL Success & Profit for Writers!
"From my understanding - on FB, you still own the copyright for what you place on there.  However, especially online, but all aother places, too, it is best not to share too much, I'm learning, especially for it to be your own…"
Oct 26, 2011
Lynn Samuell replied to Kathey's discussion Steps in Starting a Home Business? in the group Write It Forward - REAL Success & Profit for Writers!
"Looks like a lot of great advice here! You might also want to look around in your local area to see who is doing the same type of things you'd like to do in terms of offering goods and services. When you go into a store or office with great…"
Jul 7, 2011
Tim Bishop replied to Kathey's discussion Steps in Starting a Home Business? in the group Write It Forward - REAL Success & Profit for Writers!
"Hi Kathey,   In addition to what others have written (I particularly like the SCORE option), I would consult with a cpa in a small practice.  The cpa will know the ins and outs of tax compliance in your local…"
Jul 6, 2011
Diane Krause replied to Kathey's discussion Steps in Starting a Home Business? in the group Write It Forward - REAL Success & Profit for Writers!
"Hi Kathey -- I'm sure there will be more and better "experts" to advise you, but having been through the process myself in the past few years, I'm happy to share what I know. Your requirements may differ, depending on what state…"
Jul 6, 2011
Rebecca Burgener replied to Kathey's discussion Steps in Starting a Home Business? in the group Write It Forward - REAL Success & Profit for Writers!
"Look for a SCORE chapter in your area: http://www.score.org/. They provide free help and counseling for small businesses."
Jul 6, 2011
Lee Cole replied to Kathey's discussion Steps in Starting a Home Business? in the group Write It Forward - REAL Success & Profit for Writers!
"I probably did everything wrong! I built a website, decided I was in business (copywriting and internet marketing consulting for local businesses), had 100 cheap business cards made, then got on the phone and started calling people. I was paid…"
Jul 6, 2011
Kathey replied to Kathey's discussion Steps in Starting a Home Business? in the group Write It Forward - REAL Success & Profit for Writers!
"Following are some more details:   As for photos, the more I take, the more I want to take. I take family, but scenic, animals, nature, clouds - and trying my hand at others, and need to learn portrait better. Would like to learn pet…"
Jul 6, 2011

Profile Information

How did you hear about 48Days.NET, and what do you hope to get out of being a part of this community?
Greetings! I learned of 48Days.net from the 48 Days website which I've been familiar with for a long time. And I learned of Dan Miller and 48 Days via the CBN website some years ago.
I worked full time for an average of a little over 33 years, as a secretary, and graduated from High School in 1972, worked two years, then quit to attend college, and only able to attend for one year, but what a wonderful year that was.
I retired from fulltime secretarial work in 2009, only as a friend dexcribed it - recycled - recycled to go on to new projects in life - not to quit life - and that is just what I'm doing - with no lack of priorites and projects on my plate - and love it.

Now I can spend more time with family, and also play catch-up on much needed prioritis at home, and rest, while continuing to learn to pace myself.
This leads into sharing just some of what has been on my heart for years, and continues to be,, with constant revising as I grow and learn.
I enjoy domestic pursuits, such as cooking and sewing, etc. I love music, want to see if I can relearn drawing techniques, and more.

However, three of my favorite pursuits include writing, photography, and working video. I want to create my own website, again, but better than what I had before.
I have interests in having a site which includes a variety of subjects. I am already a distributor for two health ventures but have done very little with them, but enjoy the discount, have used some of the products with each, but not able to use all, though all seem very good.
On my site, I want a place for blogging, perhaps, a site for affiliate marketing, and more.
I've videotaped my niece's wedding, and other family and other gatherings and other scenery. I have done the same with photography. I would like to do more, especially with photography, making calendars, bookmarks, and more, with variations on these projects - some for family, some to sell. I hope to learn scriptwriting, and professional filming, and voice overs.
I can read fiction, but not great at writing it, however, the Lord seems to be leading me in some fiction writing right now, and has already led me in other writing projects. In additon, I've been blessed with one particular publising company who is very much interested in my current projects, knowing I just can't crank it all out at once. The other publishing company is strictly a Print on Demand company online,, and is also wonderful to work with ecept on one matter, unfortunately, so not using them right now.

I have more ideas, such as learning resume writing, and writing more on the subject of employment,. And there is more in this area of interest, among other interests.

I know - one step at a time - and this is happening - yet at the same time, much of my interests are intertwined as well.
Just a summary - which continues to develop as I learn for myself, and learn from others.
I even have an idea for designing some clothing items, architectural designs, interior decorating, automobiles, and more.
I love music and want to do something with that. And more.

All this used to sound far too overwhelming for me, and still does to others, however I think I'm learning that even though so much is intertwined as I go along, yet all is still a step by step process.

I heard some years ago, that one must start small and not have too many goals which we most likely cannot reach.
I also heard years ago that it is better to have more goals than we may not be able to reach, than have too few.

I used to subscribe to the first, now I subscribe to the second. Even though I must necessarily pace myself - for health reasons, and for family and friends and other ministry - and rest as needed -and then other home prioritiies and quality time with the Lord and in His Word - I'd much rather have more goals than I may be able to reach, than be at a total loss at what to do next.
I do need to earn something stable on a regular basis, though, yet still be able to pursue the rest.
What is your current work situation? Employee, self-employed, generating any income on your own?
I'm "retired" as earlier mentined, and no extra income yet, though I would like to work part time at home, for someone else, paid by them as an employee, just to begin to get ahead - and something simple - and not as a freelancer. Freelancing comes next. All this while still working on photo and writing projects and other priorities. The home work for pay as employed by someone else sure would be helpful right now.
And then...what is your goal/dream for your work life?
A lot, as already stated, and I'm so grateful for the life God has given to me, and hope I'm learning to make boulders in to stepping stones - by His enabling.
How about your personal life? Any specific goals or achievements or dreams you are pursuing (or want to pursue)?
Being with family and friends, helping those in need as far as is possible, particularly family and friends in need.

And to grow stronger in the Lord.

I also hope and pray God can work in and through me, daily, to encourage others to realize His love for them in every day and situation, and need in their lives - somehow.
What would you say are your strongest talents? How are you 'wired' and what can you offer to the world (it's OK if you don't know yet, but knowing is key to pursuing your dreams!)?
Writing, photography - specific concerns for family, friends, ministries, and the world around us and what is happeing in our day.

On the following no web site yet. I used to have one with sub sites, but must recreate - and modify.
I do have a FB site now - and send periodic emails to friends and family to hope and encourage. From time to time on both, I do receive feedback - and most is quite encouraging. FB and these emails have been and cotinue to be, wonderful training ground for my writing. I have a growing wide variety of audience, and ages, and backgrounds, and this is so helpful While there are some things I won't permit on my site, I try to keep as muh leeway for discussion as is possible so al will know they are so very special, not just to me - but most of all, to Jesus Christ. The sites and emils are largely informative, yet open for discussion. Sometimes something is entered, and I see that someone marks the "not like" button. I always invite them to explain why they do not like something, or why they do - if it is a subject of huge importance. Normally no takers, so far - particularly in the "Unlike" category. Maybe one day. While I also cannot read through every post or their sites all the time, I see enough that helps me, as well, sometimes encourages me in my walk of life, something to pray about, and how to betther reach out to others where they are. Much to learn - and all are precious.

I do have Wordpress, but so far, it just does not seeem to meet what I need. Maybe I'm missing something here.
I want to work with newletters, and more. The emails I send out are not daily. I'm not able to do that, and also find that others may not always want them daily either - so many emails crowd their inboxes now, as it is, yet most feedback has been encouraging. Sometimes I do not get any feedback at all, and someties indirectly. I only pray that te recevers are helped. The and God know - and it is also a lesson for me to send as He leads, and trust Him for the results and not to worry -regardless of how it is sent out, and when, where, and to whom.

I love it.
If you have a product or service to promote (now or in the near future) this is your shot to state it! Say all you'd like:
Herbalife is one. Another is Oxyfresh. I have photography, and writng I am working on, and want to work affiliates, too. I'd like to do some consigning as well, in the future, and am hoping to continue to learn more regarding copyrighting, resume writing, and scriptwriting, and so forth. However the first mentions are tops - that is the photography/writing, and distributorships. I need one on one mentoring for the business, legal, tax, recordkeeping, etc, side of a business and publishing also - and so much more. Need prayer and help, regadig all of this. Thank you!

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At 6:44am on October 6, 2009,
Group Leader
Kent Julian
Hello Kathey,

Thanks so much for joining Write It Forward. Be sure to jump in on all the great discussions taking place. We value your input and insight.

Live It Forward,
Kent Julian

PS Also, check out the free e-resource I offer entitled Goal-Setting That Actually Works! ($47 Value) to those who join the REAL Success E-Zine community (also free) at www.liveitforward.com. I think you'll really get a ton out of both these resources.
At 3:48am on October 6, 2009, Joel Boggess said…
Good morning Kathey,

Good to hear from you.
Let me know how I can help.

The winner's circle
At 5:48pm on October 5, 2009,
Group Leader
Dan Miller
Kathey -- Welcome to 48Days.net. You’ll find this to be a warm, encouraging and innovative group here. If you’re looking for additional ideas – just stick around. This group is full of great ideas and strategies to make them come to life.

It sounds like you have lots of ideas already - and are enjoying entering this new season in your life. You certainly don't sound like you want to "retire" but rather just switch to some activities that you're more passionate about. That's a great description of what retirement should be for all of us.

Thanks for being part of the 48 Days family. We’re glad you joined us! -- Dan Miller – 48 Days
At 1:26pm on October 4, 2009, Justin Lukasavige said…
Kathey, WELCOME to 48Days.net! I’m excited you’ve become a member.

All of the ideas posted on your profile seem to be centered around creativity. I'd love to see you use them to help others.

You might consider joining the Leap group. There are some great discussions going on that will likely be very profitable for you.

Again, glad to have you here at 48Days.net.

May you always work with passion,

Justin Lukasavige

P.S. If you can make the cruise in February, here's a $2,000 bonus. Hope to see you there!
At 1:24pm on October 3, 2009, Robert Clinton said…
Kathey Hello, and Welcome!!!

Just wanted to drop in and welcome you to this great community! As you’ll come to find, this is a place of inspiration, encouragement and tons of knowledge. I hope you find that and more as you pursue your endeavors.

One group I highly recommend, that Joel already mentioned to you is 4 Points Coaching - Winner’s Circle.
Click Below to Join:
The Winner’s Circle

Also, feel free to come out check out one of the newest 48 Days group "180 Career Coaching". We just recently begun a special online retreat of transitional discussions that you don't want to miss!
Click Below to Join:
180 Career Coaching Group

Here’s to success and many blessings. I know you'll find lots of help and advice here, and if there’s ever anything I can do for you let me know.

~Rob Clinton

180 Career Coaching
The Transition Portal Begins at 30,000 Feet! This is your guide for re-entering the workplace!

At 12:36pm on October 3, 2009, Joel Boggess said…
Hi Kathey,

Welcome to the community. You'll find this to be a pretty good place to make new friends and exchange ideas.
There are plenty of ways to get involved depending on what your interests are.

One group that is worth looking into is 180 Career Coaching.
Good stuff going on in there.

Another group you'll want to stop by is the winner's circle. That's my group.
Good discussions and quite a bit of activity as many of the members share their thoughts and insights. We look forward to your participation.

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