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Caroline Gavin
  • Female
  • Becket, MA
  • United States

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Caroline Gavin's Page

Profile Information

How did you hear about 48Days.NET, and what do you hope to get out of being a part of this community?
I learned about 48Days.NET via an email, and I am grateful I did! I enjoy learning from and sharing with others.
What is your current work situation? Employee, self-employed, generating any income on your own?
I am a Christian Business Coach and the Founder of Purposeful Pathway Business Coaching (www.PurposefulPathway.com), host of Purposeful Pathway Radio (www.PurposefulPathway.com) and also the Author of Purposeful Pathway: Your Journey with Jesus, Purposeful Pathway: A Journey to Joy, and 7 Steps for Life on Purpose.

As a Business Coach and the Founder of Purposeful Pathway (www.PurposefulPathway.com), I help others to pave profitable and purposeful pathways. I help them to increase income, boost impact and heighten inspiration.

If you are seeking seeking assistance with reaching goals or with total transformation, I offer a number of coaching programs to fit every need and budget (http://reflecthislight.com/coaching-programs/). Each program incorporates\ the 7-Step Live-on-P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Process™.

I invite all to refresh with my poetry and be enriched with Biz Tips at www.PurposefulPathway.com and to sign up for the free 21-Day Attract Clients Now Challenge.

You can also connect with me on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/PurposefulPathway) and Twitter (www.Twitter.com/caroline_gavin).

For a list of testimonials, visit http://reflecthislight.com/testimonials-for-caroline-gavin-christia...
And then...what is your goal/dream for your work life?
I seek to continue coaching, writing, speaking, traveling, singing and hosting Purposeful Pathway Radio...all to bring glory to God and to motivate, inspire and encourage others to serve the Lord with their unique talents and specific callings.
How about your personal life? Any specific goals or achievements or dreams you are pursuing (or want to pursue)?
I am a single mother with two beautiful children, one boy and one girl. They bring me much joy, and I am blessed to have the opportunity to raise them in the Lord. I am grateful to currently homeschool them.
What would you say are your strongest talents? How are you 'wired' and what can you offer to the world (it's OK if you don't know yet, but knowing is key to pursuing your dreams!)?
I love to write, sing, sketch, speak, encourage, learn, research, motivate, encourage...and to serve my Lord Jesus. I aim to seek first His Kingdom in all that I do.
Do you have a website presence anywhere?
Are you interested in finding a better job, starting a business, growing your current business, writing a book, blogging, podcasting, coaching, speaking, sales & marketing, or something else?
If you have a product or service to promote (now or in the near future) this is your shot to state it! Say all you'd like:
Take the 21-Day Attract Clients NOW Challenge for free at www.PurposefulPathway.com
Feel free to share your Twitter name, Facebook page, and any other social media way to connect with you!
Twitter: http://Twitter.com/caroline_gavin

Facebook: http://Facebook.com/caroline.gavin

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/109359552271043559486

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/carolinegavin

Income. Impact. Inspiration. Pave Your Purposeful Pathway. www.PurposefulPathway.com

Purposeful Pathway: Where Faith and Business Intertwine!

  • Looking for more Joy in Your Journey? Sign up for the free e~book Purposeful Pathway: A Journey to Joy in the form on the right side of this page.The workbook is rich with Scriptural insights, poetic inspirations and practical step-by-step directions for journeying with more joy.
  • Refresh with Christian poetry and gain practical yet inspirational guidance with Purposeful Pathway Biz Tips on the Blog page.
  • Learn about Christian Business Programs to infuse your business - and your life - with more purpose, passion and prosperity. I help faith-based entrepreneurs attract ideal clients, powerfully package services and systematize efforts so they can enjoy fun, fruitful and profitable businesses!
  • Contact me directly (caroline@purposefulpathway.com) with questions or to set up a complimentary Purposeful Pathway Business Coaching Consultation. From this free consultation, you will gain clarity about your biggest challenges, renewed energy to overcome them and a customized written action plan.
  • Enjoy a powerful, transformational journey with daily action steps and strategic worksheets at an amazing introductory price; take the first step and enjoy the Heart-Centered Business Academy Home Study program here: http://reflecthislight.com/home-study-christian-life-coaching-program/
  • Join the journey each week on Purposeful Pathway Radio; listen to other Christian entrepreneurs as they share insights for business and for life at www.PurposefulPathwayRadio.com.
  • Sign up for the 21-Day Attract Clients NOW Challenge directly below.
  • Are you a faith-based entrepreneur desiring to change the world for good with the gifts God has given you?
  • Are you struggling, though, to find clients consistently?
  • Do you find that people love your message but are not buying from you?

If you have said "yes" to any of these questions, I want to encourage you. I have been there, and I feel your pain; you want so much to help others, you want so much to make a difference...and yet you can only to do so if others sign up for that transformation. So I invite you to say goodbye to that frustration once and for all!

Take the next step by signing up for the free 21-Day Attract Clients Now video series; simply enter your name and email address above.

I look forward to seeing you as we work together to attract more clients and bring more joy to the world! This will be a fun, fruitful and profitable process for you. Thank you, and God bless you on your purposeful pathway!

What others are saying about the Challenge:

"I just finished this 21 Day Challenge and it was everything Caroline says and more. It really helped me to refine and focus my niche and create a free challenge of my own in 7 days which I wouldn't have done without knowing I had that accountability. I would've created it but not in 7 days! This was truly an enjoyable, stress-free and profitable process for me and I highly recommend it." - Ann Musico of 3D Vitality Health Coaching

"As I go through your questions its forcing me to really take an objective look at how I'm serving my clients, what I'm missing, and what I should be implementing. I've already seen some empty pockets in what I'm doing, as well as affirmed the path that my audience has taken to get to where they are now. Thank for all your work and serving us with your heart the way you do...Caroline, great work all the way through! This is a powerful process, and I'm confident that taking this step further with you would help propel me and anyone who wishes to hire you towards reaping great returns in our businesses! You've inspired many ideas and ways I can keep building what I'm doing, and I can't thank you enough for the time and wisdom you've put into this." - Rob Clinton of 180 Career Coaching

"I can say that this has been a challenging, yet very positive experience. As you mentioned, this should be something that makes us step out of our comfort zone. Your words of inspiration, guidance and loving encouragement have truly made this journey worthwhile. I am so blessed to have found a coach who truly wants to help us succeed." - Renee Sullivan of Healthy Concepts

Learn more about Purposeful Pathway and what others say:

Caroline Gavin is a Heart-Centered Business Coach, Speaker, Author of several books and host of Purposeful Pathway Radio. As a Heart-Centered Business Coach and the Founder of Purposeful Pathway, she helps heart-centered entrepreneurs pave their vocational paths, live with purpose and walk with God’s way. With years of experience in the financial and real estate industries, Caroline blends her passion for God, her financial expertise and her business acumen to create phenomenal results for her clients.


What others say about Caroline:

Ann Musico of New York shares: “Caroline is an insightful, expert, Master Certified life coach who can help you get your life on track in all areas! She is extremely knowledgeable but even more than that she has the ability to give you practical, real-life advice that you can use immediately. Her integrity is beyond reproach - I would never hesitate to use her again or to recommend her. From the moment you first contact Caroline, you sense she is committed to your success and the results bear that out.”

Terry Pope of North Carolina shares: "It is with a great deal of pleasure that I write this brief recommendation for Caroline Gavin! She is one of the most talented & gifted writers that I have ever encountered in my career! As an accomplished author, Caroline has unique insight into every day challengers that her readers encounter in their daily life and spiritual walk! Due to her intellect and versatile skills, she encourages and motivates her readers to new levels of spiritual growth on a daily basis! Caroline has a large daily following on FB, radio, and a readership that commands respect and great credibility! Her ability to write in an inspiring manner makes her poems very creative and delivers the gospel message of love, forgiveness and hope! I'm honored to call her a friend and adviser! Caroline's star will continue to rise as God uses her to reach people for His Kingdom! May God continue to richly bless her and the ministry of His Son, Jesus Christ!

Mike Fenton of Minnesota shares: "Caroline is the type person you meet that makes you feel as though you have known her all your life. She shares practical and spiritual ideas on how to find one's "pathway" in life. While very busy in the many projects she has going in her life, she always takes the time to respond to the needs of others. Truly gifted in so many ways."

Joel Boggess of Texas shares: “Caroline's passion for people is second only to her love for Christ and the Truth. Her commitment to those that are the most important to her, (her family, friends, and colleagues) shines like a beacon. Her demeanor makes her approachable and easy to confide in.”

Michael K. of California shares: "Working with Caroline has been a great journey of self-discovery and spiritual renewal. Caroline showed me that God provides absolutely everything to co-create with Him what I need and want in my life. She also helped me to focus on clear-cut action steps to achieve my goals. The process has been exciting, empowering and motivating!"

John Lee of Texas shares: "Simply put, Caroline is amazing. Through her work as a Master Certified Life Coach she shows people how to progress in life on the right path for them. As you read her writings, you realize how knowledgeable she is in her field. Her poetry is very creative and shows the depth of her compassion for others. She is a true inspiration. She is our 'Angel on Earth.'"

Cindy Hirch of Ohio shares: "In the time I have known Caroline she has soared to new heights. It has been incredible to watch her growth. She has an ability to connect and relate to people in a way that transcends language barriers and cultures. Caroline's poetry is beautiful. She has an incredible gift to write and her work truly inspires the reader in what she shares. In group coaching she offers practical solutions and applications for business. Even if you are not looking to own or grow your own business, these same principles can be applied to your personal life. They are presented and woven with a deep spiritual and Godly approach. She has been blessed with many gifts that allow her to serve others well. Without reservation I would highly recommend Caroline's services."

Karen Schiltz of Massachusetts shares: "Caroline Gavin is not only a colleague of mine, but a close personal friend as well. Caroline chooses very carefully what she will spend her valuable time and energy on. Raising young children and running a business requires commitment, organization, energy and passion. Caroline has all these qualities, and brings them to everything in her life. Her faith guides her on the path of life and provides the foundation for her vision and goals. Love and commitment help her to develop and achieve those goals. Caroline puts love into everything she does. She is a visionary who will help to lead those she's connected to into the future, and they will bring with them love, mercy and compassion due to Caroline's guidance. Every life Caroline touches is enhanced by what she brings to her business, as well as to her personal relationships. Once you have connected with Caroline Gavin, you are never the same again. You are reminded by her presence in your life that there are truly good, selfless people who live their lives with a generosity and grace reminiscent of the man at the center of Christian faith. Caroline follows in the path of Jesus, and her life's path changes all those she comes in contact with. She cannot help but succeed in whatever endeavors she takes on because her faith is what guides her. I believe in Caroline and the strength of her faith, and I feel honored to have her for a friend."

Michael Dugan of California shares: “Caroline is an amazing young lady with a very special gift. She shows a level of caring and compassion that is all too rare and completely genuine. It has truly been a pleasure knowing her."

Dori DeCarlo of New York shares: “Caroline Gavin shares her Purposeful Pathway in all avenues of Social Media and on Purposeful Pathway Radio as well. I had the pleasure of connecting with her and sharing her on Word of Mom Radio and she is a gifted spiritual writer and guide. Her generous spirit and spirituality shines forth in all she does, and I highly recommend you connect with her to find your purposeful pathway!"

Harry Alpert of Massachusetts shares: "Caroline is absolutely one of the finest professionals that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is astute, diverse, resourceful and brilliant. She brings great value to any venture that she is involved with. I thoroughly look forward to our further collaborations."

Matt Wegner of Wisconsin shares: "Caroline Gavin is a wonderfully talented life coach and gifted author. Her talent for writing poetry provides inspiration and motivation to anyone facing a rocky path in their lives. I have followed Caroline's blog for some time now, and I am always amazed by the beauty in her words and the deeper message of faith her poems and posts provide."

Annie Rose of Colorado shares: “I am thrilled to be able to recommend Caroline as a smart, kind, compassionate, godly and giving woman of integrity! I am honored to have been a guest her on her Radio show ‘Purposeful Pathway’ and consider her to be my friend.”

Joe and Diane Ziemlak of Massachusetts share: "Caroline is a lovely person with great work ethics. She's very focused on whatever she does. Her writings are beautiful, inspiring and motivating."

Barbara Crum of West Virginia shares: "I love Caroline's heart and soul for Jesus; I love the person He has created her to be. She is a special gem that God has placed in our lives to brighten our days. Her beautiful words are always full of grace and love, and she uses the Scriptures (God's Holy Word) to back up everything that she says. She is priceless, and I am blessed to have her as both a sister and friend. She amazes me with the way she lets God uses her to shine for Him. Her encouraging words touch so many lives and she shares from her heart which is a heart that is after God and what God wants. Her life is a testimony for the one that she serves, and that is Jesus Christ. She is a blessing to each and every one of us. She is a special lady that God has anointed to touch millions and millions of people. His light shines brilliantly through her to awaken and rouse His spirit that lies inside of us. She is an amazing person and a special friend!!”

Candice Hill of Alabama shares: "Having Caroline as a friend and sister in Christ, who undoubtedly has a heart for God and for people, is almost surreal. Her authenticity and love for Christ exudes throughout every facet of her life: As a Child of God, a loving mother, woman of God, Life Coach, Inspirational Author and Motivational Poet. She is a pearl of great price to the Body of Christ. Her commitment to excellence is inspiring but even more so is her love and commitment to Christ and her servant's heart. The very essence of a meek and quiet spirit characterizes this precious woman of God who has made an indelible mark in my life and has become near and dear to my heart. The evidence is in the many lives she touches on a daily basis. She is truly a Kings's Kid. Her purposeful pathway is definitely bright and prosperous because her steps are ordered of the Lord. If I had but only one word to say, I would describe my sister this way....PRICELESS!"

Bruce Fowler of Virginia shares: "Caroline Gavin is grace incarnate. Master Coach, Author, and Host of The Purposeful Pathway radio show, Caroline uses her gifts to serve others daily and is relentless in her quest to share the word of God. Her passion for doing so is evident in everything she does."

Alexander Lodi of New York shares: "Caroline is one of the most amazing people I've met. Over time, we've created an amazing friendship...one that cannot be bought. If you are looking for a mentor with a true servant's heart, Caroline Gavin is the person I highly recommend. She has been a blessing to me and can change your life, too, if you are looking to be coached. I highly recommend Caroline."

Albert Duran of Texas shares: "In the short period of time that I have known Caroline, I have consulted with her, regarding my business endeavors, and she has allowed me to work out the next step on several occasions because of her experience as a Certified Master Life Coach, Published Author, Speaker, as well as keeping an open mind as a radio show host."

Dan Bitza of Missouri shares: "It was a blessing from God the day I met Caroline Gavin through her postings on Facebook. Since then my life has been enriched through my interaction with her. Her writing is inspiring and uplifting. Her interactive approach has built our relationship to a valued friendship. I look forward to hearing from her regularly. She is a special soul who has had a very positive impact on my life. She is a friend I can count on when I need a kind touch to ease my pain or anxiety."

Keiti Pierce of Florida shares: "Caroline is one of the most even-tempered people I have ever met. She's always willing to help and provides ways of viewing things that have perhaps gone unconsidered. She's fantastic at what she does and I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to work with her."

Maria Eugenia Akinde of Nigeria shares: "I am so very much thankful to you, dear sister! I want you to know that since I began to walk along-side with you on my purposeful pathway, I started to understand and discern not only my mission on earth but also to be closer to God; this I owe all to you. You are encouraging not only me but also all your friends and subscribers ~ and not only with your marvelous poetry but also with your amazing personality. You are a BLESSING for all of us. You are precious, you are light, shining radiantly in the world, bearing a message of true love, peace and hope! Keep shining so brilliantly with love, light and inspiration! Thank you for everything."

George Hicks of California shares: "My friend and co-worker, Caroline Gavin, is dedicated and tireless. She is an inspiration to all who know her, and to all who have had the privilege of seeing or hearing her in her element. She is an immensely talented young lady, whose ability has no bounds. She is a published author, speaker, Certified Master Life Coach, and she is an exceptional mother of two beautiful children. I am simply amazed at the tireless energy she brings to every project that she undertakes. In a word, she is brilliant! I am honored just to know her!"

Alan Ray Jones of North Carolina shares: “Caroline is full of love and compassion and a true example of living a mature Godly life, she has inspired and encouraged me more than words could speak, I would encourage anyone today to take a purposeful pathway Journey with her and see that it will change your life! I cherish her as a friend in Christ and Blessed to be on her Journey.”

Lawrence Ignaczak of New York shares: “Caroline is a person that brings passion and purpose to everything she does to lift people closer regarding their own personal relationship in Jesus Christ. I would highly recommend getting better acquainted with Caroline to see where she can be of help regarding that spiritual walk.”

Kim Hall of New Hampshire shares: "Caroline’s poetry touches the heart and refreshes the soul as she pours out a message of comfort and love, and hope and joy from the Lord. Her deep love for Christ is evident as she invites you to grow a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with Him, wherever you are on your path. I encourage you to take time to refill at the proverbial well by visiting Caroline at Purposeful Pathway today - and by taking the 40-Day Journey with Jesus!"

Marie Dillon of New York shares: "Caroline is a very wonderful spirit, and is very well organized. She can speak from the heart, but accurately, too. Her path, along Purposeful Pathway is very clear, and she is an excellent guide, in life. I would absolutely recommend her."

Wendy Casey of Massachusetts shares: "Caroline is an inspirational Life Coach. Her words, wisdom and insightfulness aspire others to be their best. Her attitude and ability to always remain loving , nurturing and supportive gives her Readers a sense of well being and confidence as well as inner peace, faith & encourage. These are just a few adjectives to describe her as a professional like no other. I would highly recommend her!"

Darlene Alexander of California shares: "Caroline is an excellent Life Coach. Her services have helped me overcome a major roadblock in my life and business. Her services are affordable and I look forward to working with her again soon!"

Tina Mamacos of Massachusetts shares: "Caroline Gavin of Purposeful Pathway Life Coaching is masterful in her writing, her speaking and her coaching. She brings hearts closer to the Lord, fills them with joy and leads them on journeys of purpose, prosperity and passion. She is skilled in asking questions that identify blocks, in creating strategies to overcome these challenges and in structuring individualized action plans. With her eyes fixed on God's Kingdom, she leads others on eternal pathways of purpose. If you are seeking true transformation, Caroline's books, workshops and coaching programs will change you in Christ - from the inside out."

Carol Cadenas of Minnesota shares: “It's a pleasure to know Caroline Gavin as an enthusiastic and warm writer to connect with and encourage individuals who extend beyond her personal creed. Caroline's warmth is transparent and vivid in the content of her lyrics as well as her prompt responsiveness to followers!”

Lisa Hainline of California shares: “Caroline's work expresses her hunger for the Lord, her soft spirit and meekness along with her passion and compassion for serving Him and the advancement of His kingdom."

Lisa Graham of Virginia shares: “Caroline has a heart for people and a heart for God. Her devotion to helping others find their path guides her life and is evident in her actions, words and deeds. Caroline is truly inspirational and a blessing to those who work with her.”

Lisa Buffaloe of Idaho shares: "I have had the honor of not only interviewing Caroline, but also reading her blogs and posts that shine for God. Her heart is tender to reach out in love to others to draw them to the love of Christ. Caroline Gavin is a blessing to all of us who know and love her."

Risa Ruse of New York shares: "Caroline uses her expertise in using her spirituality to help others. I especially appreciated the opportunity to share my own gifts of using rhyme inspired from the Divine on her marvelous, talented radio show. She is a treasure in fellowship and Christian dedication to spreading the Word of God in everything she does. Beauty is a great adjective for Caroline, inside and out!"

Kimberly Anstaett of Kansas shares: "Caroline is an inspiration in all that she does with her passion for people and heart for healing. Her heart shines very brightly when she eloquently communicates with her readers as well as the people that tune into her radio show."

Lizanne Fagan Gouws of South Africa shares: I got to know Caroline through a poem she wrote, which led to a friendship and ended as a bond that only sisters could have. I have an enormous amount of respect for her. She is a wonderful Christian and Life Coach; someone who taught me different perceptions of looking at life, and I have learned from her that hardship can be overcome. Caroline has a zeal for life. She portrays everything that I would like to see in myself. She has wonderful values and those that stand out for me are - accountability, respect affection, consistency, love, confidence, ethics, courage, life devotion, dignity, encourage, endurance loyalty and I can go on.. Caroline is respected and loved by many and I cannot imagine a day going by without a poem or some form of encouragement from her.”

Rob Clinton of Georgia shares: “I’ve witness and experienced nothing but genuine drive, motivation, passion from Caroline in the work she does. She’s an inspiration and a great friend to many. I’ve seen her really make things happen over the past couple of years and I’m honored and blessed to know her. She’s a mover, shaker, and she’s driven to bring much joy and blessings to this world."

Rosemary O'Neal of Massachusetts shares: "Caroline is a very detailed oriented professional. She critically analyzes a given work situation and makes excellent business decisions. Caroline is an excellent time manager. Even when she multi-task, she strategically allows enough time to work on each challenge given,and a not get overwhelmed. Caroline adapts to business changes and personnel changes very well. I am proud to recommend Ms. Caroline Gavin."

Thank you for traveling this Purposeful Pathway with me!

Caroline Gavin's Blog

Tender Mercies

Posted on April 28, 2015 at 7:35pm 6 Comments

Tender Mercies

Tender Mercies Poem

Free Image courtesy twobee at…


Release...for Peace

Posted on February 6, 2015 at 6:02pm 2 Comments

Release...for Peace

Poem Release for Peace

Image courtesy Witthaya-Phonsawat at…


Eyes on Eternity

Posted on January 7, 2015 at 6:59pm 2 Comments


Eyes on Eternity

Poem: Eyes on Eternity Image courtesy Tom Curtis at…


Winter Warmth

Posted on December 10, 2014 at 5:26pm 9 Comments


Winter Warmth

Wisdom of Winter - Inspirational Christian Poem by Caroline Gavin of Purposeful Pathway Christian Life Coaching



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At 6:20am on March 8, 2014, Archie Winningham said…

Hey Ms. Caroline,

Thanks for joining the INNOV48 Group. I know I can speak for Sutton also when I say it is a great honor and privilege having you in there with us to promote and celebrate with everyone's successes! 

At 9:47pm on June 19, 2013, Bryan Skinnell said…

Thanks!  I enjoy drawing and you'll be seeing plenty more from me!

At 10:47am on June 4, 2013, Alisa DiLorenzo said…

I'm excited to jump in the 21 Days Challenge!

At 10:39am on March 26, 2013, Mike Fenton said…

Caroline you will always be my very dear friend and sister. I am so happy to be able to connect up with you on another venue that shares "the passion".

At 8:49am on March 26, 2013, Diane Krause said…

Hi Caroline. So nice to connect with you, and I'm really looking forward to hanging out with you on Team B! 

At 4:59pm on January 27, 2013, Adam Rico said…

Hi Caroline,

Welcome to the Unlock Your Passion group!

I'm so glad you've decided to join.

You're automatically entered to win one of three 48 Days products for joining the group as one of the first 48 members. Check out the products I'm giving away.

In order to get the most out of the group go ahead and jump into the discussion we have going on right now.

I wish you much success in your pursuit to live and work in your passions. 

I look forward to connecting with you further in the group.

All My Best,

Adam Rico



At 11:08am on December 3, 2012, Angie Cunningham said…

I so appreciate your comment.  I hope to serve you well.  Thanks for following and please don't hesitate to send me any feedback you have about the writing and blog.  I truly want it to be inspiring and supportive, so if there is anything more you think I can do or something I need to change, please let me know!  Wishing you a fabulous day!  ~Angie

At 6:02am on November 9, 2012, Carol Howell said…

Sorry to have taken so long to respond.  I never noticed the "ask" on my page.  Learn something new everyday!   


At 1:06pm on November 5, 2012,
Group Leader
Jen McDonough "The Iron Jen"

Caroline, thanks for your kind words and friends invite!!!

At 10:00am on November 3, 2012, Karen Putz said…

The same to you, enjoy your weekend!


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