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Please quickly read through this before you take the time to sign up!

48Days.NET is a community for people pursuing ideas and businesses outside of traditional employment. We have many here who are:

  1. Full-time self-employed business owners with profitable businesses,
  2. Full-time employees with simply a dream to generate their own income,
  3. ...and everyone in between!


The economic challenges of the last 24 months have caused a lot of people to look for new options. No longer can we expect the "company" to provide our income, benefits and retirement security. We are all "free agents" and must take responsibility for creating the future we want. The new emerging models for fulfilling and profitable work offer the time freedom and the income most of us are looking for. 48Days.net is a support community for those moving into those new models of work -- a place to connect with peers and mentors -- others on the same path.

Asking questions, providing answers, finding resources and encouraging others are the primary objectives of the community.

Please do not join in order to just promote your ‘business opportunity.’ Yes, everyone here has a business to promote. And as you interact with the other members you will build your reputation and credibility. But if you just spam others with your "opportunity" you will be removed from this site. I know this is sometimes a gray area, but responses from the members will dictate any action taken.

We try to leave this as a fully open format. Of course we’ll remove anything objectionable, like:

  1. Offensive graphics or language or topics,
  2. Blatant disrespect in communication to others - this isn’t the Jerry Springer show, keep it on the up-and-up,
  3. Spamming
  4. Religious and Political opinions
    1. Exceptions would be if the opinion or conversation added to the process of how we all make business and career decisions.


The site at large is absolutely free.

We frequently have Business Building classes with Dan Miller presenting principles for building your business or in interviews with 48Days.net members who are examples of successfully turning passions into profits. Most of these are conducted online where you can submit questions during the presentations.

To make any comments you are required to sign up, and we ask that you post a picture and use your first and last name. This gives integrity to the community. You will not be taken seriously as a member without sharing your real name, your picture and your goals on your home page.

Part of the benefit to this ‘social network’ platform is that you get automatic email notifications for all activities. Example: Make a comment, and you get an alert when someone replies back. Some will love this, some will...not. So, make sure you only get notifications on what you care about. You might wait a few days after you initially sign up to see what you do and don’t want. But here is how to edit this function:

  • When you Sign Up, you’ll get a ‘Settings’ link on the top right of your page.
  • Click that...and then on the left side of the next page you’ll see a link for ‘Email.’
  • There you’ll see 17 possible alerts checked. You can deselect the ones you don’t want!

You can decide how much or how little you are involved here. You chose how much you will be notified of activity on this site. If you chose to discontinue your involvement here, just click on the 'Settings' link on your home page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a link for 'Leave 48Days.net.' One quick click and you and all of your content will be removed. Thanks for choosing to be a part of the growing 48 Days community. Enjoy!


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