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Greetings on another wonderful Monday - 

If you’re new to the 48Days.net community – welcome. This is an amazing group of people who are not content with mediocrity in their work – or anywhere in their lives. You’ll find the members here share their resources and expertise willingly and also share your excitement when you succeed.

We are seeing an explosion of books being published, speakers being booked, coaches filling their schedules, artists finding new ways to market their work, musicians leveraging their talent and creative businesses from podcasting to dry cleaning pickup to muscle car restoration being launched successfully.

I’m thrilled as I see more people who are finding their true calling and applying that in work that is meaningful, purposeful – and profitable. If you’re still in that process, be encouraged; you can do what many others here have done.

Each week we feature some of our favorite forum discussions, blogs, groups and members in the Notes on the front page. Please note that those who are featured and highlighted are always selected from those who have a clear picture, are active here in this community and are adding valuable content in some way. No magic or inside track – those are the things we look for.

This week we're highlighting:

Featured DiscussionTravis Scott posted that he is Writing a Book…need some opinions. Well, opinions is not something you have to ask twice for around here. Members were quick to share important life lessons we did not learn in school. What do you wish you would have learned early on in school – an important fact, attitude, or lesson that benefits you now?

Featured BlogDefy Your Gravity The recent election caused a great deal of excitement and uproar. Many were disappointed with the outcome and many were left feeling discouraged about the future, fearing that their lives will be negatively impacted. But is it really the government or the president that has the most profound impact on whether we can be successful or not? This very insightful, thought-provoking post by Peter A. Ferguson will encourage you and point you to where the true power resides – in you.

Featured Group – we’ve had a major name in internet marketing quietly join our community. Ray Edwards has now started the Marketing Strategy Group to freely share his insights about selling online. In the last few years his clients have included: Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Robert Allen, to name a few. I’ve been getting Ray’s helpful emails for several years and considered him both a friend and mentor. If you’re growing your online business or service you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Featured Member – our featured member this week is Lee Smith, ND from Martinsville, VA. You’ve probably seen him in various places here in our community as he is quick to jump in with advice on health and living life fully in general. His Amazon page describes him as an unlikely vegan, a heretic and an inspiration. Last year he write a book titled Coffee: Friend or Enema? How’s that for a catchy and engaging title? Check out all the things Lee is doing to be fully alive – you’ll be inspired.

Remember, we never highlight anyone here without first and last name and a personal photo.  If you let us know how you are and what successes you're having we'd love to highlight you in this weekly update.   Dan Miller

Last updated by Dan Miller Nov 12, 2012.

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