"Passion without wisdom to give it shape and direction is as empty as wisdom without passion to give it power and purpose." - Frederich Buechner

As I’ve been researching Wisdom and Passion I keep seeing more and more research that confirms the life-giving importance of both. Thanks to all of you who participated in the Indiegogo project we did and those of you who have already made selections from the growing list of Wisdom Meets Passion resources we are adding to daily.

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If you’re new to the 48Days.net community – welcome. This is an amazing group of people who are not content with mediocrity in their work – or anywhere in their lives. You’ll find the members here share their resources and expertise willingly and also share your excitement when you succeed.

We are seeing an explosion of books being published, speakers being booked, coaches filling their schedules, artists finding new ways to market their work, musicians leveraging their talent and creative businesses from podcasting to dry cleaning pickup to muscle car restoration being launched successfully.

I’m thrilled as I see more people who are finding their true calling and applying that in work that is meaningful, purposeful – and profitable. If you’re still in that process, be encouraged; you can do what many others here have done.

Each week we feature some of our favorite forum discussions, blogs, groups and members in the Notes on the front page. Please note that those who are featured and highlighted are always selected from those who have a clear picture, are active here in this community and are adding valuable content in some way. No magic or inside track – those are the things we look for.

This week we're highlighting:

Featured DiscussionJeff Beaudin asks: Do People Sometimes Avoid a Simple Solution for a Seemingly Complex Problem? He wonders if people ever make a simple challenge complex – and then expect the solution to be complex as well. I think that’s a common scenario where people get trapped in indecision and procrastination. Add your comments to this conversation.

Featured Blog7 Ways to Overcome Envy. No one EVER wants to admit they envy someone doing better than they are. Especially if we call ourselves Christians. Actually, for pretty much most well-adjusted, mature adults this is not something we would ever want people to know. We work so hard and try to do the right thing, and someone else seems to enjoy the success we feel should be ours. How do we react? Well if we are honest, we will all admit that from time to time that emotion rears its ugly head. Marianne Clements offers 7 practical ways to address it if and when it does happen. We can all use a refresher.

Featured GroupRob Orr heads up our My Website Workshop group. The group description reads: “This group is specifically geared to be a resource for those who own, manage and/or want to get started with their own website. Whether it's a blog, an e-commerce store, a company site, or some sort of hybrid you will find help here.” I think that would include all of us. Don’t miss the brainpower and resources being shared here.

Featured Member – our featured member this week is Cliff Ravenscraft from Hebron, KY. I’m sure you recognize Cliff as the PodcastAnswerMan. His personal story of moving more into “ministry” rather than away from it as he moved out of a church position into fulltime entrepreneurship is both amazing and inspiring. Cliff has been my podcast coach for a couple of years now and has helped me make my podcast the most powerful marketing component of 48Days. His Podcasting A to Z course has been the launching point for many nationally known podcasts. The next one starts Monday, September 24th. If you have any desire in beginning or prospering your podcast – get one of the spots in this class. And use 48days in the Discount Code to get a $100 discount on the course. You can see my recommendation on the information page – Podcasting A to Z

Last updated by Dan Miller Sep 11, 2012.

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