Dan Miller's Groups (33)

  • Artists Arise

    398 members Latest Activity: Dec 13

    Explore ways to overcome the 'starving artists' mentality and find new strategies to touch the world with your creative gifts!

  • 48 Days.net Weekly Brainstorming Sessions

    288 members Latest Activity: 14 hours ago

    Join Dan Miller each Tuesday at 7pm Central for the 48 Days.net Weekly Brainstorming Sessions. 


  • Online Selling and Ecommerce

    67 members Latest Activity: Dec 12

    Offering products and services for sale is how we can serve others while turning our hobby into a real business. Join us to start selling online…

  • Be Your Finest Art

    76 members Latest Activity: Dec 13

    Dorsey McHugh and Joanne Miller are artists and writers. Together we have written a book …

  • Think and Grow Events

    24 members Latest Activity: Oct 29

    This is my Social Media Hub for my website Think and Grow Events.…

  • Free Agent Uprising

    894 members Latest Activity: 14 hours ago

    Free Your Work - Free Your Life

  • Stand By Me

    8 members Latest Activity: Apr 7

    We get what anyone gets - we get a lifetime. And that means, sooner or later, we're each going to be confronted with very big challenges that seem…

  • 48 Days Seminars PARTICIPANTS GROUP

    159 members Latest Activity: Dec 3

  • No Misquotes Here!

    32 members Latest Activity: Oct 30

    I am always thinking and I know you probably are, too. That is what we do. We are idea people. We think…and think...and think. So in my process of…

  • Jump Start

    459 members Latest Activity: on Friday

    Jump Start is for those who are ready to set important events in motion. To overcome the resistance that is holding us back. To make a difference…

  • Innov48

    80 members Latest Activity: Nov 17

    This is a hangout for creatives to share and explore ideas that create better art and more of it.  This is a place for…

  • Dan Miller 48 Days Victory Group

    81 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    Dan Miller and the 48Day team have blessed countless hundreds of thousands of people over the…

  • Marketing Strategy Group

    103 members Latest Activity: Dec 10

    Are you making all the sales you want to make from your website? If you want to sell more of your products and services online,…

  • DISCovering My Best Focus

    117 members Latest Activity: on Thursday

    We're each wired to succeed at something. Here we will uncover our DISC wiring and how to use it for our best focus in our business or career!

  • Earning on Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy

    207 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    Explore ways to earn extra cash or build a business on Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy.  Buying, selling, sources, wholesale, dropshipping, etc.

  • DIY e-Publishing

    329 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    The purpose of DIY e-Publishing is to give strategic advice to those who are writing a book or have written a book and looking to have their book…

  • Embracing Introvertedness

    110 members Latest Activity: Nov 2

    Embracing Strengths, Overcoming Proclivities

  • Leadership Growth

    76 members Latest Activity: Oct 30

    Whether we are looking to grow a career or a business it requires that we grow, especially as a leader.  The fact is that often times a…

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