I am really excited and have it mostly done, it will be a free download, my only concern is that it is just like a book, if it will be a free download do I need to make it easier to read, like a blog post or something of that nature? It is just over 20 pages long.

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Michael very cool. Congrats on getting your book finished!

You definitely want to format the ebook in a way that is visually appealing and easy to read.

I am working with a client right now Jen McDonough who has authored a couple of books and our team is helping her finish up a new one.  What her book does well (as with any e-book) is to make sure you use a "call out" every 300-400 words.

Include a quote, picture... something to make it easier on the eyes to go through a digital book

We are also formatting books for the kindle so people who love kindle can quickly and easily read the book. 

I say keep it an e-book but just make sure you format it so it looks and reads like a good book does.

There are tons of ebook templates out there for free. One of the first ones I used is from Pat Flynn you can get his template HERE it was a ton of help for me!

Cool thanks, here is what I have thus far... download http://buff.ly/LzUcqS

Congrats on nearing the end of this part of your project!!

You're right that making it easy to read and download are essential. Making it a PDF with "bookmarks" is easy for the reader/buyer.  I'm going to check out the template link... that sound great!




Congrats on your project! I liked your title headings. Definitely as Matthew suggested do call outs at least every 300-400 words. Even putting in some bolded in text areas (such as bulleted points).

Best of luck!!!




Check it out!

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