Hello All - My book on divorce is currently titled/subtitled:  

   Title: A Forgotten Friend

   Subtitle: Rediscovering Yourself During and After Divorce

I'd like to change both for two reasons:

  1. If someone glances at the title and doesn't bother to read the subtitle, they won't know it is about divorce
  2. Even though the combo of title/subtitle tells what the book is about, I think it is too general

In the book I share 4 stages of divorce, 10 key lessons I learned and talk about how writing can help you heal. The audience is people going through divorce and also those who have already gone through it.

Generally speaking, I tend to prefer shorter titles and subtitles, but in this case longer might make more sense.

Here's what I've come up:

  New Title: Divorce: Finding Hope, Healing and Peace During and After

  New Subtitle: Learn 10 Key Lessons, the Four Stages of Divorce and the Healing Power of Writing                           Down Your Thoughts and Feelings

What do you think?  I am open to suggested changes. Thanks,


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Hi Bob,

I too am a fan of short titles/subtitles.

While I can see where you went with the new title/subtitle, part of me wonders what it would look like if you simply split your suggested title into the Title/subtitle -- as in:

  • Title: Divorce (or perhaps Surviving Divorce)
  • Subtitle: Finding hope, healing, and peace during and after the roller coaster of emotions.

Or something along those lines. I don't know if other books have the same or similar titles, but it's what came to mind off the top of my head.

Hope this helps.


Good suggestion, Cam.

I like your idea Bob. Anytime we can make it simple and clear for our audiences is great. 

Here is my suggestion for the title:

Hope, Healing, and Peace After Divorce: 

The above subtitle is a mouthful and honestly, loses my attention as most people just want the "simple and easy" fix - your suggested subtle makes it sound like a lot of work (I am not saying it is, but again, people want easy - so as a speaker or author it is always nice to keep in mind that there is power in giving people what they want wrapped around what they need).

I like where you were going to start with.  I would make a slight tweak and shorten it.

Title: Your Forgotten Friend

Subtitle: Rediscovering Yourself During Divorce

I think the subtitle and therefore the entire title are both too long. I also think that the new "title" you've shown is a workable title AND subtitle.

You may be trying to do too much with your title/subtitle. It doesn't need to be all-encompassing as long as it draws the right audience, grabs their attention, and prods them to look further. I think what you most want is something punchy and eye-catching. Make them want to open the front cover or read the back cover in order to learn more.

Here are some ideas that you can mix and match. Even some of these are long, but you may be able to pare down:

[Hope and Healing for] Divorce: How to Process through [or Processing through] One of Life's Biggest Challenges

Healing [Hope, Healing, and Peace, although I think any of these terms encompass the other two] for Divorce: What to Expect and How [Best] to Cope

Coming through [or Growing through] [Emerging from] Divorce: What to Expect and How to Overcome

Overcoming Divorce: What You Can Expect and What To Do about It

Divorce Unmasked: Key Lessons from a [Fellow] Survivor

Finding [Hope, Healing, and] Peace through Divorce: [Coming out] [Becoming] Better Equipped Not Forever Wounded

Hope that helps.


Cam, Jen, Robert, and Tim - thanks for your input. This is so very helpful.

Yes, very clear I'm trying to squeeze too much in. Thanks for helping me see that.

You've given me a lot to think about - and that's a good thing. I am very excited about the new title/subtitle and all the great ideas you have given me. Thanks again!


I think you hit the nail on the head, Bob. When I first read the forgotten friend, I thought that's really nice. But you're right, it doesn't clearly communicate what you're offering. I like the new title. Maybe you could cut out the "during and after" part. I think the subtitle is way too long. Maybe - 10 Lessons for Healing During the 4 Stages, or - How to use the healing power of writing throughout the four stages of divorce. It's hard to know the focus not having read the book. I'd be happy to review what you come up with next.

Thanks Holly, I appreciate your insights. I think my next step is to narrow it down to 3 choices and post here a couple other places.

It's a good news/bad news thing - I got so many great ideas for others, it's going to take me a while to sort through it all. I thought maybe I'd have something up here by the end of the week, but looking more like the weekend or next week. Thanks again,


Bob, amazon offers a service called mturks. It's a great way to survey a random audience to see what title options are more popular, and it is fast and dirt cheap. Google it.

Never heard of this before, but it sounds very interesting after researching it a little.

Thanks for sharing.


Thanks Tim, mturks sounds intriguing. I'll check it out. Thanks!

You're getting such good advice, Bob. I wish I had more to add. 


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