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What are you working on and/or what are some wins you have to celebrate? Are you running into obstacles..if so what are they?

This group is always up to something - nice to touchbase once and while to share our journeys. 

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I'll start. Super excited to be a presenter on Erin Casey's Writer's Connection cruise. Our 5 night cruise leaves out of Tampa in less than two weeks!!!!!

Hi Jen,

I am in a little bit of a break from the normal string of projects right now. This is because of two primary reasons:

1. I pushed really hard earlier in the year and am now reaping the rewards.

2. We just had our second child (a boy) three weeks ago, and available time to work on projects and other things is in shorter supply than a few months ago. (I am still among those with a full-time day job.)

However with this said, this morning, I do have a few minutes to respond here and also plan the year-end overview podcast that will be released later next month. For those of you who have followed me on my crazy goals for this year, I have the rest of this year, next year, the following year, and more scheduled on my blog. I have almost the rest of this year recorded and scheduled for my podcast. (My planning this morning is one of the last things needed to finish the podcasts out the year.)  ...And, I have re-adjusted my blogs and email newsletter to have a clearer call to action -- and I have taken the time to add the subscription option back onto the site. (It had been gone for a little while after a site redesign -- and now it's back.)

I had some other lofty goals for this year that probably won't be completed during 2016, but I'm sure that in 2017, I will be able to tackle a number of them with the foundation I laid through my hard writing work this year.

Thanks for asking the question Jen. Have fun on your upcoming cruise. :)


Cam - congrats on your new family addition!!!!!! What a wonderful time of year to have a little one around!!!

Congrats too on all your success! Looking forward to seeing where 2017 takes you. 

Congrats on child number 2!

I have a book to write but I'm not a writer.
I do have a basic story line or theme and format.
It seems too daunting and I don't know where to start.

The information in the book is the result of a novel discovery.
The three major religions of the world are all based on it.
I'd like to take the book on tour around the world.

I figured out what the fruit was that Adam and Eve ate in the Garden of Eden.
Eating the fruit (of judgment) means getting offended.
Forgiveness is spitting that fruit back out.
And Grace is seeing it but not eating it.

I also have a clue about why eating it blinds us from the tree of life. Eating it creates the victim mentality.
The victim can not see the tree of life because he is too focused on his own perceived injury.
And there is more, ...like how the holy trinity is reflected in the tree of life.

Start writing. Don't worry if it's organized or makes sense yet, just start writing. Set a goal of 500 words a day. When you hit 500, stop. If a bunch of ideas are still there, just write down some key words for the ideas.

Great advice just to write James!!

Thank you. ...but, I don't want to be a writer.
I just want to produce a book. I guess I need a ghost writer.

Erin Casey may be a great person to connect with for this as well as she provides ghostwriting services. Best wishes moving forward.

Thanks, Jen, for the recommendation. Very kind. Tim, if you have questions about using a ghost writer, please let me know. It can be an easy way to get your book/message out into the world. 

All the best,




Tim, think a lot of us starting off in similar boats. Would HIGHLY recommend signing up for Erin Casey's 8 Weeks to Authorship program. Her program will take you through step by step of where to go and what to do. Nice as you can use it for all your future books. If interested, you can find it HERE

Best wishes moving forward! 


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