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Ok, not to take advantage, but I don't have a readership nor an email list (yet).

I'm starting a blog, faith or fear and I've got plenty of my own ideas, but need other's thoughts of people that are recognized as having become truly successful (not just money) both present and past.

An example of someone in the past for me would be Teddy Roosevelt.  If you've read his story he was the most enthusiastic person ever and never backed down from anything in his life.  Present (it doesn't have to be a President) would be Dan Miller.  I know, "stop brown-nosing", but I will explain why.  He is not the richest, most famous, nor most successful of current day entrepreneurs but if you examine his life, it is perfect.  Most people in his category have an exhausting schedule, they are very hard to reach, and just don't really seem that happy.  Dan is very successful, but still very accessible to anyone.  He keeps busy but is probably taking a walk w/his granddaughter as I type this.  He loves God but doesn't seem to judge others I could go on but of course he is humble too so I'll cut it off here.

Anyway, just a couple of examples.  If anyone is willing, please send me your idea of someone you would consider "truly successful" past and/or present.  I've got to hit the ground running and need material/people to study. 

If you have a blog or book or anything that needs a comment or review, let me know.  I'm your man. 

Thanks for any help!!

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What a fun discussion Mike!!! 

In the business realm, I am always looking for people who are not only successful in business, but "get" the whole lifestyle business concept (meaning they get the big things in life). Here are a few of my favorites off the top of my head:

  • Kent Julian
  • Dan Miller
  • Ashley Logsdon 
  • Me (: (one of my success goal points was being able to pick my kids up at least 3 days each week from school - while to some this may seem petty however to me it is success in the big things that matter to me)
  • Jane Atkinson
  • Sam Walton (his old pick up story is great)

These are just a few...anxious to hear what others share. 

I really appreciate the feedback!  I'm familiar with most of these people from trolling around here.  I've never been a big corporate-America kind of person, so the people in this community are more my idea of "true success". 

Thanks Jen :)

And yes, you are DEFINITELY on my list of truly successful people. You invest well in your family and are doing what you love for work. BOOM.

Check out Jonathan Milligan from the Blogging Your Passion group. Definitely a fit for the whole lifestyle concept. 



I know about his business but not as much about him.  Will look into it immediately.  Thanks!

Hi Mike,

I agree with your observations about Dan--quite true! 

Here are a few that I consider successful:

Oprah--she stays true to herself and is a true teacher. 

Dave Ramsey--serves others, passionate private life, generous

Kevin Hall, author of Aspire-- another great teacher, humble

Chad Hymas--wonderful speaker

Jen McDonough and Erin Casey--both generously teach what they know and truly enjoy life. 

Oh oh, I am adding Dave Ramsey, Karen Putz and Jonathan Milligan too along with Jeff Long. (actually so many folks in this very community as Dan really does a great job of attracting these types of folks). 

Amen, I agree with all!

Great idea, Mike. I agree with your definition of success and love how you use Dan as an example. When will your blog launch?

There are so many past and present. I'm fond of the underdogs, like Winston Churchill. When looking past power and money, Mother Teresa is fascinating. I also love those who have made it in the traditional sense, who give generously and fight for causes they're passionate about, like Richard Branson. Then there are the heroes listed here already, like Ashley, the definition of successful parenting. 

Please let us know when you launch. Can't wait to read it and subscribe!

Mike, thanks for starting this discussion. You are hitting on an area I'm super passionate about. True success, in my mind, is God first, Family second, Career third. 

Dan Miller is my hero in this area.

I strive big-time to live this way and believe I do.

I'd add a buddy of mine, Joshua Becker.

Another is a guy name Dan Glaze. 

I'll keep it short and quote a famous personality:

If today was the last day of your life, would you still be doing what you are about you do" If the answer is yes, you just got the definition for success.


I like it. 


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