Hi Friends,

I recently decided to take action and start writing an e-book. My husband and I recently paid off all of our debt including our house in 3 years and 3 months and I'm only 28! I'm writing about the HUGE lessons that we learned during this process. I'm writing posts on my blog wemadeithome.com. I want to eventually publish these posts as an e-book but I'm looking for feedback along the way. Your help is greatly appreciated! 

Thank you so much!


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I am so excited for you and your husband! What a huge milestone and accomplishing this at the age of 28!!! This is amazing. Your story is an inspiration, and you are doing the right thing by writing it down and sharing it with the world. I will be speaking at a college in less than a month and will tell your story as an example of a young couple taking the road less traveled. It will impact those who hear it, you can be sure. I encourage you to move forward with your e-book. It is a great next step. Thank you!


Such an inspiration, Haley. Your ebook sounds like a must read for young couples. Glad to hear you are already blogging about it. What about creating a workbook to help people actually go through the steps you did to add along with your ebook about your circumstances. I wish you the best of success.

Hi Haley,

Congrat to you and your husband on the debt payoff - that's wonderful!!   Great idea to publish your post as an ebook.  I'll check out your blog.  Best wishes,



I have been to the site twice and enjoyed the lessons that you have gone through and the insight thereof. I will post comments through the site address.


Duane thank you so much! Please share our story with anyone you think would be encouraged by it!

Kathy, a workbook is a really great idea. I never would have thought about that.

Thank you Bob and Paul for checking out the page all feedback greatly appreciated. 

Also after only 1 week of blogging and sharing with just my facebook network I have had over 1000 visits to my blog and a facebook group with over 130 members at http://facebook.com/wemadeithome.

It has been a little exhausting to be this vulnerable and open in such a public forum but I am feeling really encouraged and energized by all of the feedback that I have been getting so thank you for contributing to that! I will continue to keep you posted. 


You're welcome.  Your blog is great!  Well-written and personable.  Again, congrats on the debt pay-off - a fantastic accomplishment!


Congratulations on paying off all your debt.  If you have not done a debt free scream, "Freedom", you should.  Between your watercolor paintings and your husband's animations I think you should consider doing art-vertising like this lady http://www.tracyleestum.com/portfolio/3d-street-art possibly.  You may combine it with the steps for getting out of debt.  

Hi Haley,

I checked out your wemadeithome, your food blog, and your poster on society6.  You are a talented artist and writer.  I also love the minimal design on your blog.  I am not an expert, but I think you are onto something.  I think that the financial freedom you have achieved in your 20's is a unique angle.  If there is a way to incorporate your art into your writing, I think it makes it very appealing.  Great work!

Welcome to Write It Forward! You're getting some great advice here. Love this group!

What's more, you story is so inspirational. Have you thought about speaking on the topic as well?


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