Hello all.

I have been working on releasing an eBook as one of my goals for this year and plan to give away 10 chapters (52 total, they're short) as an incentive for signing up for my mailing list.

The book is designed as weekly creative exercises and I've been debating whether to give the 10 chapters as a downloadable PDF, or send out 10 weekly emails, each with the contents of one chapter. I like the idea of having 10 contacts with each person and I think it's a little easier for people than having to download a PDF, but I also know eBook downloads are pretty standard today. I'm just not sure which would draw people in more. Which would you prefer and why?



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Why not do both? Be different. Here's my idea: Automate the 10 emails to go out on the same day and at the same time each week, then offer the PDF download for those who want to go faster in the email. Put the additional offer of the full PDF in each email.

My thought is that you'll get your audience accustomed to hearing from you via email. If your content is always helpful and not too frequent, they'll love hearing from you. On the practical side, your email list is your property. Facebook, or some other constantly changing site can't take that away from you, if they change their rules or algorithms. If your people are interacting with you regularly/primarily via email, you are already running strong if a glitch occurs with other methods of interacting with them. In that way, you can use those other sites to contact new prospects and lead them to your email list.

If you do what is "standard" you just look like one of the many faces in the crowd.

I was actually considering putting a download link in the last email but I like the idea of putting it in there every week. Thanks for the idea Bob!



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