The reason I ask is I used Kindle Kids Book Creator (KKBC) to create my childrens book. Readers have discovered 2 small typos.

KKBC uses .opf format. But when you save the book to publish to Amazon, I discovered KKBC doesn't save the .opf format, but REPLACES it with .mobi

Had I known that in advance I would made a copy of the .opf format. Guess I know for my next kids book.

If I'd uploaded images with text on them this wouldn't be an issue. But I wanted to take advantage of the "text pop up" feature, meaning I uploaded images only into KKBC.  Then within KKBC I typed the text.

So, if I can't edit .mobi easily, it means re-typing all the text, being sure to correct the typos and not make any new ones. Unfortunately, there is no way to "copy/paste" the text. Sigh.


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Calibre, a free program, has an e-book editor embedded in it and I believe will allow you to do this. However, having edited some epub e-books with it recently, I wouldn't necessarily refer to the process as "easy." If you'd like to explore further, please let me know. I'm out of pocket until next week.

Aaron, offered to share some instructions. I'll check out Calibre too. I have a tech background and am hoping to get it done this weekend. Guessing I'll have this resolved by the time you're back, but if not, I'll reach out. Thanks,


Hi Bob,

Unfortunately going through the Kindle Kids Book Creator, you are limited to what you can do if you needed to make an edit especially if you are using the region magnification (i.e. text pop-up feature). You're right. You need access to that. opf file. I generate my own .opf files as well. That way I have total control and to make changes more easily but I realize that doesn't help you in this situation. 

You can try Calibre as Tim described earlier. I have never used Calibre to fix a picture heavy .mobi file before. I suspect the book file may have issues when you re-upload the corrected .mobi file. On the bright side, there are resources (ebooks) out there that can help you create your own region magnification .opf template that the Kindle Kids Book Creator uses so that you don't have to use the Kindle Kids Book Creator anymore. ;) This is a good resource that I have recommended many times in the past: (not an affiliate link). 


You may have to start over with the templates in that book if you need to make changes. Good news is, it'll be easier to do if you need to make a change in the future.

If you are totally stumped, I do have a book and ebook formatting service at FormatMyBook.com. 

Hi Julia,

I think I learned my lesson with Kindle Kids Book Creator. :) 

Aaron offered some help and I'll take a look at Calibre too. Thanks for your help. I'll reach out if I need more.


Hi Julia,

You said you generate your own opf files. Do you use Kindle Kids Book Creator and save a copy or do you use something else?  Just curious.



Hi Bob,

I personally don't touch the Kindle Kids Book Creator or Comic Creator. There have been known buggy issues using those. The reference book I mentioned has the necessary CSS file, HTML files that you use with your jpg files as well as the .opf exec file. Actually for your needs, if you just check out the beginning of the Kindle book, there should be a link to get the pop-up text files you need to generate your children's picture ebook with pop-up text.

You just need to tweak the files to your needs and with your information. 

Hope that helps.


Hi Julia,

Yes, that does help. Thanks!



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