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Hi guys,

I don’t normally do this. I usually don’t post unless I can help someone else answer a question but here it goes…

For the past several years, I’ve acquired equipment to reach this point in my small publishing company and that is to start manufacturing small press runs here in-house. No outsourcing to printers in China. No POD required.

So, with my first in-house publication that I’ll be manufacturing, a book I created, I needed to start a Kickstarter campaign. It’s a recipe journal currently titled (but may change in the next week or so in order to distinguish myself from other similar titles): “My Favorite Recipes: A-Create-Your-Own Cookbook.”

This first project deals with a personal interest of mine which is collecting recipes for healthy meals. In my quest to find recipe journals to write down my collection (which you’ll see in the Kickstarter video is currently a shameful mess!), I couldn’t find any that I really liked. So, I created this journal.

If you are like me and collect recipes or know of someone who would love this book, please direct them to this link. I would love for this to be a successful campaign so I could deliver these to those that wanted them. It’s a limited edition size only for Kickstarter backers. It’s a full color, 7” X 10” recipe journal with hardcover and with a nice red quality comb binding and nickel plated metal corner protectors for the covers. It has 212 pages total. 198 are recipe pages! The plan is to eventually manufacture these as a smaller size.

I hope you can support the project and get a copy!

Here is my Kickstarter campaign page if you would like to check it out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2028821338/make-100-my-favorit...

If you had any questions, please let me know!


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Hi Julia:

I checked out your Kickstarter page and the first thing that jumped out at me was that there really isn't a "wow" factor to your book. I'm going to put forth my opinion, and hopefully you will take these as ideas rather than criticism.

1. The cover is blank which would make me pass by your book without a look since I wouldn't have any idea what it was for. At the minimum add a "wow" design to the outside cover(s) that says something like "My Favorite Recipes" or "I Made These" or "Recipes for My Daughter" or "Recipes from Granny" or some other more personal connective title.

2. I think you are sacrificing a lot of usable space with the double borders. It's hard to tell in the Kickstarter photo but it looks like the border reduces the area to write by 15-20% and that's a lot. You may want to consider making a white-on-white design. It's basically a design that is subtle on the background that you can write across and not interfere with the readability. It will still give you a nice look without sacrificing writing space.

3. You may want to change the inside pages to accomodate both simple and complex recipes. What I mean is that as a foodie myself some of my recipes are only a few ingredients with 3 or 4 steps to prepare while others have a long list of ingredients and complicated instructions. My own experience is that only a few recipes are complex so maybe consider making about 10% of your pages two pages instead of one - one page for ingredients, one for instructions. 

4. Tabs (section separators) would make this a "wow" for me. A tab I can write on with a Sharpie, so that it can be customized for my way of thinking as a cook, is preferable to traditional cooking sections (Appetizers, Entrees, etc.).

5. Consider adding color to the cover and the inside pages. It would bring a "wow" factor to it that it doesn't have now. The majority of people in the world (78%) choose blue as their favorite color, so that may be the color to start with, and add other colors later, if desired.

I think you're on the right track with a great idea. Great job!

Wow! I like criticism.

Thanks for the ideas Kathryn! I took a couple of them that I could still apply this late in the game.

So based on your ideas, I now have a color cover image on my campaign and now offer writable dividers. Easy peasy. I had thought about adding the dividers before I started the campaign but ultimately decided to leave them out until now.

I will make it so the interior recipe pages get more space. The interior color design I'm keeping as I got many reviewers before launching saying they liked that the best. For now, I am leaving it as is on the campaign as the video has already been done and it would be hard to change it now and this late in the game.

So now that I have the dividers for the "wow" factor and a color cover to boot, wanna support the campaign? ;) I really hope you consider it as this campaign is much more than the reward of the recipe journal. My campaign page describes my mission under "About Green Blueberry Books."

Thanks again Kathryn!

Awesome Julia!

Thanks Adam!! :)


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