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Hey Gang...


I'm writing a book in 3 weeks. That's right...3 weeks! I'm actually trying to polish it off in 2 weeks.


In reality, I'm simply gathering together a lot of things I speak about and blog about and putting them in a book. This is a strategy I teach at the Speak It Forward Boot Camp.


Anyway, I need help naming the book.  The book is a "success" book for teenagers and will basically have 3 sections.

  • Live Smart (this will bring about an average life)
  • It's Your Life, Own It (this will raise you to an above average life and put you in the top 20%)
  • Forward is the direction of success (this will put you in the top 5% and bring about a WAY BEYOND average life)

Two quick thoughts on this basic outline:

  • You'll notice that the sections fit my business "Live It Forward." That's obviously on purpose.
  • Each section will have 10 short chapters (1-4 pages) with some follow up questions.


So, what I need help with, and quickly, is what to title the book.  Here's what I'm thinking so far. The title is before the hash mark, subtitle is after the hash mark.

  • Don't Ever, EVER Settle for Average--The Teen's Guide to Real Success and Awesomeness
  • Stop Being Normal--A Teen's Guide to Real Success and Awesomeness
  • Live It Forward for Teens--The Guide to Real Success


I have more...but these are my top 3 so far.


Thoughts, insights, and ideas welcome!


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I love the idea and the first two potentials withthe subtitle to the third one--of course I love Forward is the direction of success! Eitehr wayI think it will bless your audience.

Hey Kent,

Way to lead by example!  The book is sure to be a top seller after you give your talks.  Try this on for size.  It's a slight modification of the first title:

Never, EVER Settle for Average--The Teen's Guide to Awesome Success


All the best!

Know Now What Everyone Else Will Know Then


Live It Forward So Your Life Won't Be Backwards


Live It Forward So You Won't Look Back


Life Can Be Understood Forward - It Doesn't Have To Be Lived Backwards


If You Knew Now What You Will Know Then

The Law of Averages - Average, Above Average, WAY Above Average
Hi Kent, my very first post in this community, so I'm stepping way out of my comfort zone here.. If I didn't post this correctly please let me know. Your book sounds very interesting, having raises three teenagers, sounds like something they would have enjoyed. I like all of your titles, I'll add my two cents. You could title it L I F E, Live It Forward Essentials, A Teen's Guide to Real Success and Awesomeness. Good luck withe the book!
Bald and Successful is a good name :)
Actually, like the 'Stop Being Normal' one....

To catch on with teens, I think you need something that doesn't sound like an adult coming alongside them to guide them.  It's what it is, it just can't be what it looks like to get past the skepticism.  These may be a bit out there, but they speak a language that kids relate to.  Think of it this way - the l33tsp33k used by teens today is similar in concept to Esperanto, except the goal isn't to include but to exclude, unless you belong to the group.  By giving a nod to the patois you may reach some you wouldn't otherwise.  That said, how about something along these lines...


Don't be a n00b: Smart Stuff You Missed

YY4U - Pwning Your Future

LOLFacts - Winning For Real

Ooh SNAP - Success Needs A Pwner

Learning Like A Boss

ROFLMBO - Reading On Fire, Learning My Best Options



I like the idea, and the title I'm leaning toward is Stop Being Normal. But I'd make a slight modification to put the spotlight on the reader.

Awesome or Normal? A Teen's Guide to Real Success


WOW!  I post this late last night...and by 7 AM I already have 10 responses.  Amazing.


I have phone calls with prospective clients and meeting with actually clients all day today, so I might not be able to respond quickly, but I will respond either today or tomorrow.


Thanks to everyone!


Kent - I Love the idea and the titles given so far. Good Luck trying to pick one!

Here's another - "Teen Building - Living Forward to Greatness!"

Kent, I like Stop Being Normal... I have always told my kids it is not only okay to be weird, but preferable! Also, I like Keep Living Forward -- A teen's guide to setting goals and achieving success. Or Keep Moving Forward -- A teen's guide to achieving a lifetime of success. By the way, I need a couple of copies of that book when it comes out. It will be assigned reading at our house. Thanks!


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