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I started a blog about 6 weeks ago and am trying to grow it grass roots without having friends and family makeup my readership. I was delighted this week when I had two comments on a post from strangers. I assume I was found through a search or comments on another blog. What are ways any of you use to boost readership and promote your writing?


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Hey Corey,

Thanks for posting this. I'm starting a blog or two within a few weeks, so I can't wait to read some of the responses here.

Okay, all you bloggers, share your insights!

Live It Forward,
Kent Julian
I started a blog www.mortgagemarketingcommunity.com I had it up to a search engine rank of 300,000 in about 6 months. Here are my top 3 ways to increase your readership...

1. I added a simple line to my email signature : Have you read my blog http://www.mortgagemarketingcommunity.com You would not believe the number of hits from this technique
2. Always Always Awlays post your blog site to every comment you make on sites like these. You can see an example at the bottom of this post.
3. Go to other blogs in your niche and then reach out to make friends. Let me give you an example. If I find a blog article or product on someone else blog that has a great readership, and I really LIKE the product/article, then I will write a post on my blog about their product/article and link back to them. Once I have done this, I will reach out to them by email and let them know what I have done. Every time I have done this, I always end up making friends and they always reciprocate by adding my blog to their blog roll.

Don't forget to read my blog at www.themarketingevagelistblog.com

Do you want to learn more about becoming a Rockstar Marketer? Go to www.11gospeltruthsofmarketing.com and get my FREE audio!
I recently found a wordpress plugin called CommentLuv. Once set up, enabled blogs display your last post title.
Hi Corey,
I like Kent am interested in this discussison. I'm putting the final touches on my website and it was recommended I either have a blog link from the site or have the blog on the site. I'm not only interested in how people get readers, but possisbly some of the pros and cons of having it on your website or a seperate site.

Hey I love this question..

1st thing to do is everytime you post on your blog you ping it to a network of blogs. The two free services I use are http://pingates.com/ and http://pingmyblog.com/

2nd thing to do is sign up to blog directories and add you blog : Blogburst.com, Blogflux.com , clickblog.org and similar services.

3rd thing is to do is mybloglog.com now once you sign up you get a widget code that you install on your blog. Once that happens you want to sign up to entrcard.com now you can participate in entrecard but as other mybloglog visitors from this service visits your blog it is cataloged into you mybloglog. (it is not as complicated as it sounds) Then you add each visitor to your mybloglog account. They then become readers, and will come back to your blog if they find it interesting. Also other people will actually join your community with out you doing anything.

4th thing is to join up to linkreferral.com now this is a search engine, forum, similar to entrecard. But with link referral if you participate in forums and add comments they will show up in alexa.com's ranking. Plus people who visit your site will rank you and with that you can improve your blog. Also I have gotten many hits to my blogs and website from the search engine part of Linkreferral.

5th thing is http://ondemand.pluck.com/ with this service and this is the key. You add a widget on the sidebar of your blog this widget adds fresh articles to your blog in return makes your blog worth more. Also your blog is served on other blogs..

All of the things I listed above are really easy to incorporate. They do work I do use them, I went from 15,600,000 something rankings to 358,000 alexa ranking in 2 months using the above steps. Getting traffic is easy but getting visitors is hard, and getting readers to come back is even harder. The good thing about blogs is search engines like google use them first next to forum post, and you dont have to worry about SEO. Once you start getting traffic you need to keep the flow by adding post atleast once a week.

I do hope this helps you guys.. I linked them for you so they are easy to get to.
Oh yea commenting on other blogs do work if the owner has comment love on. What that means is it allows search engines in to follow links in their comment post. So I would not advise commenting on a million blogs, cause only 50 may have follow links on.
Thank you so much for all this wonderful information!! I am going to act on this of course!!
When I have a few tips I will give them as well.
I have heard good commentary about "squidoo"; check it out!
Olga Hermans said:
Thank you so much for all this wonderful information!! I am going to act on this of course!! When I have a few tips I will give them as well. I have heard good commentary about "squidoo"; check it out!

Oeps!! I forgot to add my own blog!

I have these two blogs coupled together; somebody a comment on how that works?
Wow...again, I'm so impressed with this group. Thanks for all the good ideas and practical advice. I am so grateful for each of you!

Live it forward,
Kent Julian


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