48Days team,

I am trying to start a program of father's blessing their sons called the "year of blessing," or a Christian Barmitzvah if you will.
The goal of this program is to help Dad's create a ceremony for their son's where their son answers at least 7 of the questions on http://heartofanation.com or some variation in front of other men they trust. We want fathers to work with closely with their son's to answer some of life's most important questions in order to solidify their God given unique identity and destiny. Once they send me evidence of the completed questions and the ceremony then their name will go on the "Wall of Responsibility."

You can see an example of the questions I am working through with my son Adin here

I would like to ask three questions
1) What is your impression of the site: http://heartofanation.com
2) I would like to rename the site to yearofblessing.com , dadsblessing.com, ChristianBarmitzvah.com or something like that. Any thoughts?
3) Would you be willing to share a link to my site on your site?

4) Would you buy this program for $17. 

I am going to post this on Know Your Niche group as well.

Nick Skriloff

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A few quick thoughts. 

First, I love the idea. It would really work well at a live event (you promoting it via speaking at men's conferences). Not sure how well it can be "sold" via just the written word. You will definitely will need lots of videos on the site explaining the concept.

Second, I love ChristianBarmitzvah.com - that creates intrigue.

Third, a good rule of thumb to follow is you have 7-9 seconds when someone visits any page on your website to grab his or her attention before that person clicks away. That means your header, tagline, and menu MUST communicate what the site is about. Using this rule, I would click away from your site. Hope this isn't too harsh...I just didn't know what your site was about by looking at the these things on your website.

Hope these thoughts help. I think you're onto something here.


Thanks so much for your input. 

I will change the site to ChristianBarmitzvah.org and .net.  as I own them.  I will update it and get back to you. 

Kent I have changed the header image to 

"Christian Barmitzvah  Fusing Fathers and Sons"

I changed the text on the site in a number of places

I have redirected ChristianBarmitzvah.net and ChristianBarmitzvah.org to the site.  

I want to provide value to people here.  How can I provide more? 

 As for providing value for people, always think how can I serve first and sell second. So give give give give give. I get the sense that you'll be good at this.

As for the site, I would make "Christian bar mitzvah" and "fusing fathers and sons" pop more. Also, remember that your menu also communicates who you are in what you're about. So be a strategic as possible with those menu items. Think this way… If someone comes to my site, would they know who I am and what I offer by simply looking at  the words I use in the menu?

You're doing great!

OK.  I changed one more menu.  

Now it is time to start connecting.   I think I will start with home schoolers. 

Your thoughts? 

Hey Nick

What a great idea. Have you ever read the book "Raising a Modern Day Knight"? It is a great book about encouraging Dads to revisit how ceremonies were used back in the medieval day to bring a boy into manhood. It sounds like you are trying to do something similar which I think is effective and needed in today's Fatherless generation we are facing. So way to go. 

To your points, just some feedback to try to help you:

1. I agree with Kent on simplifying your website. I clicked on the video however it played while scrolling through the playlist. I would encourage you to put the video front and center. Let that be the first people see and try to get it down under 2 minutes. I was unable to watch the whole thing because it keep scrolling but just a thought

2. I think your domain names are great. 

3. I just have a blog that I started and at this point in my journey wouldn't have a place to link to your site

4. Absolutely. 

Best of luck. It looks like you are on a great track!


Thanks for the feedback.  I have read it.  In fact for you I put my notes here

I will need to shorten the videos.  

Does this page help? http://heartofanation.com/portfolio/rites-of-passage/heart-of-a-nat...

Whenever you want to buy it feel free.  I really want to provide good value.  

Hey Nick:

I echo Julian.

The site is a little cluttered, but the content is great!!! I love the idea. My Dad actually did this for me and it is something that I will never forget. ChristianBarmitzvah.com would get lots of good attention!!

So I think if you switch the name and clean up the site you will be doing great. Thanks for pursuing this, it is much needed in our country!!


Thanks for the feedback.   I have changed these ideas. 

"Christian Barmitzvah  Fusing Fathers and Sons"

I changed the text on the site in a number of places

I have redirected ChristianBarmitzvah.net and ChristianBarmitzvah.org to the site.  

If I had one hour to invest in advertising this, what do you think I should do?


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