Since I may be one of the earlier reader-listeners of Michael Hyatt's new book Platform, I though I would start a discussion for us to keep all of our comments about it organized.

I listened to the audiobook that I was able to download for free (available when you purchase the physical book and email Michael's team before May 25th [I think]). In addition to a whole slew of bonuses that he's giving away here is my reaction to the actual product.

Michael over-delivered with this book. He loves lists, and this book is one massive collection of how-tos, and things to keep in mind when building your platform. I cannot wait for my physical copy to arrive so I can sit down with a highlighter and sticky notes!

What have been your thoughts on this book? Did you learn anything new from reading this book?


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I just ordered a hard copy and the ebook...will start reading it tonight!!

Awesome. If you haven't already, email/forward your receipt to 'gifts@michaelhyatt.com' to get access to the awesome bonuses! That's how I got my free audiobook!

Thanks for jumping in!


Yes, I got the free stuff too! Excited! Just got to let it all sink in.


I'm on Michael's Platform Launch Team. He sent us an advanced copy of the book and I love it, he also gave us the bonus material.

The best part is he started a Facebook group for the launch team (100 people) and we interact with him personally there everyday, that has been a real treat to have him walk us through parts of the book.

All the things I read that I wanted to work on I asked Michael about specific plans that I was thinking about, it's been a HUGE blessing to get his advice.

That is awesome Kimanzi! Thanks for continually sharing your wisdom as your own platform expands!


My physical book arrived on Friday and I cannot wait to dig into it and follow/implement the steps!

I have this in my "to-review" pile. I love what I've read so far!

Sweet. I have it in my "physical book" stack to go through with even more detail than I was able to when listening to the audio.

I really dropped the ball on this item.  I saw the promo for it, never got around to ordering it during the required time frame and lost out on all the freebies.  However, I do plan to order the book.  I heard him interviewed on the Dave Ramsey Entreleadership podcast and it was quite informative.  In fact, I'm about to do a book launch myself and plan to imitate much of what he did to get his book out there. Here's another book I'd recommend:  Stress Free Marketing-Practical Advice for the Newly Published Author by Renea Winchester.  I recently attended a workshop that she held. 

I was personally debating on whether to jump on the book offer myself, but when I heard that he was including the audiobook, that is what really tipped the scales. I also heard the Entreleadership podcast you reference and I think it was excellent as well.

Thanks for the advice about "Stress Free Marketing". I'll have to look it up.


So far, so good!  I'm reading it during any free moments I can find. 

I did purchase the book on May 25th (thankfully, we were at Dan's Coaching With Excellence & he informed us of the freebies)...but I just emailed my receipt last night.  I hope the purchase date was the key factor in getting the cool extras.

I'm very excited & ready to learn!


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