I haven't scanned all of the pages of discussions yet but I see alot of people working on non-fiction projects. Just wondered if there were any fiction writers here? My project is a high octane politcal thriller. Whats yours?   :)

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Me!  I'm a speculative fiction writer with a Christian worldview.  My latest is called Runaway, a futuristic retelling of the book of Philemon. Think of a mix between Tom Sawyer and Star Wars.  Check it out at www.EdwardDCasey.com.
Ted, have you ever heard of Jeff Gerke?  He writes Christian speculative fiction, and manages Marcher Lord Press.  His website is here: http://www.marcherlordpress.com/
Sounds awesome! I will certainly check it out!
Short stories. How's the work going?


I do NaNoWriMo every November so I have about four novels 3/4 of the way done. I need to settle down and finish one of them. They range from Christian Women's Romance Type Fiction to Young Adult Fantasy.

Hi, Ian. I have finished a fiction manuscript that is a little over 80,000 words. It is entitled "The Inheritance," and I am looking at either finding an agent to represent the work to a publisher, or I might even take Dan's advice and try the self publishing route. The story is about estate hijacking, and has numerous legal twists and turns, as well as a rather shocking love triangle. It would probably fall into the commercial fiction category, although I must say figuring out where it belongs has baffled me a bit. It also falls into the womens' interest slot, as well.

Your project sounds fascinating. I want to hear about your progress, and the steps you take toward publication. Hopefully, we can compare success stories!

Another great resource is Randy Ingermanson's Advanced Fiction Writer's ezine. It's a free weekly ezine with lots of good things in it. He does something called the snowflake model that helps you think through your entire story line. It helped me with Jak and the Scarlet Thread.

I am familiar with Randy Ingermanson. I just finished reading his "Writing Fiction For Dummies" book and have been signed up for his EZine for awhile. I have also been reading alot of books by James Scott Bell who I really like. I need to look into the snowflake method a bit more. He talks quite a bit about it but I am still having a little trouble grasping exactly what it is.  

Another favorite I suggest for commercial writers is literary agent Donald Maass's  Writing the Breakout Novel series.  He recently combined the book and workbook into one with some other content.  Tons of helpful info in it.  It really helped change how I wrote. 


Link:  http://www.maassagency.com/books.html

I am also familiar with Donald Maas. He is on the top of my list of agents to query when I get finished writing. I loved his Breakout novel book. Its in danger of falling apart from all the highlighting I did while reading it. LOL.


We are definitley on the same page!

I am a fiction writer.  I have a couple of books under my wrap, but nothing is published yet.  My first is about the end times (falls in line with Tim LaHaye's Left Behind series), my second is about a customer service representative who seeks venegance, my third is about a widow after 9/11, and I'm co-authoring a baseball book.  If you are into high octane political thrillers I have an idea for you.  Contact me and I'll tell it to you.
I sent you a friend request so we can message back and forth. I'd love to collaborate on a project with someone who has finished a few manuscripts. It would help me to sharpen my skills. Look forward to hearing from you!


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