Seth Godin's blog today has more meat in it than you'll find in years of just hoping to become an author.  Take the time to read it carefully -

Advice for authors, part one and part two

and you'll be more savvy than 98% of the people in this whole arena.

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Thank you, Dan, for sending that through.  I'm looking forward to reading it carefully. 


Have a great day - Cheri :)

Thanks for sharing this Dan.

I really enjoyed reading it.


Great info. Thanks for sharing, Dan!

Only red part 2 so far.
Funny how Seth talks about books. I listened to an interview he had done where he said that a book is the best way to leave a lasting impression and to spread an idea. I am paraphrasing but I am quite certain he chose the medium of a book - it may have even been a physical book - because I remember being fascinated by how he described the relationship between words on paper and the mind of a reader and it was beautiful, and very true. Books change lives. They change or help form our opinions whereas a blog post or a video or even a movie will have a hard time doing that.
Now I am reading that he says books are not the best medium for spreading ideas. Well, maybe not for quick ideas, true, but still books are a great medium.
Anyway, I am a raving fan of Seth and go with him even if he disagrees with himself on the rare occasion :)! Thank you so much for sharing great insights, Dan.

If you read between the lines a little bit, I think Seth is pointing out that first you need to grow a community with which to share your thoughts. The physical book becomes one component of the package, part of a "product", the piece that brings you credibility. It's the community (or "tribe" I guess is the current buzz word) that gives life to the ideas by discussing and spreading them. You need the book as a physical manifestation of the idea, it's the "intellectual property" that gives weight to your expertise and theories. So, you need both the community and the physical book to effectively share your ideas. On a more practical note, he also points out that the vast majority books are not well promoted by the publisher. You need a tribe of rabid followers in place before a book comes out to help launch your book.  :)

      I'm curious about what Seth wrote.  Since I am a new author without a platform should I price my book on Amazon at the lowest price to help spread my message?  I initially priced it at $16.95 so when I speak I can offer people a discounted special of $10.  


That is an excellent point.

I might say that Seth is recommending to lower your expectations when dealing with what publishers can or are willing to do for you, not lower your goals/dreams/plans.

Working in a publishing company (in the production side), I can only imagine how many people are trying to pitch ideas to them, compared with the number they actually choose. At the very least, in the departments I work in, each book is like a conveyor belt, because there are always new projects coming behind it and so each book/project cannot be the central/exclusive focus.

Looking from the outside, it would be awesome for a publisher to take our book idea and run with it, but the reality is that their business model is based on a numbers game where individual projects are not as valued as the number of 'hooks' (books) that are in the water for people to purchase.

I would say that Seth is accurate with his statement -- and Dan I am sure would agree too. Goals for your project have to be your goals -- since the publisher has a completely different set of goals.


You're welcome. :)


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