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If I were to have discovered a 6000 year old mystery,
that the world's 3 major religions and the courts are built on,
would I be able to find at least one person in this forum who
might be interested in writing a 10 to 20 page book about it?

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Not sure exactly what you are doing but I'm very interested in ancient history so I would be interested in discussing further.

The fruit that Adam and Eve ate in the Garden has always been taught to be an obedience lesson but no one can tell you what the fruit was. I think I've figured it out and it's not about obedience. I think the obedience lesson is a quick and dirty way to nip the conversation in the bud and set up a control grid in the process. This control grid creates debt and a commodity based salvation plan and functionally steals the tree of life right out of our hands.
See if you can guess what the fruit really was (or is) by looking at the scripture anew, in a way as if you had never read it before and had to figure it out on your own. Ask yourself, "What does the knowledge of good and evil produce?". And then I'll ask you what happens when you eat it. But ask one question at a time. When it comes to you, you will see how the court system is built on this one key fallacy.

I'm intrigued - what's next?

What's next? ...try to answer my riddle.
"What fruit does the knowledge of good and evil produce?"
After that I'll ask you what happens when you eat it.
Then I'll try to show you how eating it blinds us from the tree of life.
And then cover the process of spitting that fruit back out.

Clue II: "Grace is holding an opinion of right and wrong without letting it get under your skin."

I appreciate your writing style actually.
It fits well with my theory of "casting my net on the other side of the tracks" so to speak.
Thanks for sharing. I left some comments and shared your blog on my Facebook page.

Okay, I'm gonna tell you what it is, but I'm gonna let you discover it on your own so that you can own the knowledge of it instead of taking my word for it. So let's start with a clue.

What fruit does the knowledge of good and evil produce? It took me 3 years to answer this question. And though my first answer was also my last, I continued thinking about it and tried a few different words. Once I put two and two together in a couple of different places it all began to add up.

It's simple really but most folks have never given it much thought. We normally just let others think for us. Try to forget everything you have been told and just isolate that one question and think for yourself and see if you can come up with one or two words that can describe what the knowledge of good and evil creates.

After that, I'll give you another clue.

And thank you for taking an interest. This is good. I trust it will be worth your time and energy.


Here is a definition of the word choice though.

Choice: (noun)
A *right* ...of action and/or of possession.
~Black's Law 4th edition [abbreviated]

What word would be defined by the phrase:
"The (or a) *knowledge* of good and evil or right and wrong"?


Close, very close. In fact, "Eve saw that it was desirable for gaining wisdom".

I think wisdom has to do with your actions as a result of your reasoning or logic.
..."the *soundness of an action* or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge, and good judgment." ~Google definitions

Discernment is another word that comes very close and might even be somewhat interchangeable but the word I chose to describe the knowledge of good and evil in this context has a slightly different connotation.

I have two more clues.
Clue II: "Grace is holding an opinion of right and wrong without letting it get under your skin."
*The first salvation plan*

lets try a couple:





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