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One of the best ways to market your speaking services is to use SHORT video clips of one of your presentations or of someone sharing a testimony about your presentation. 


Some people hesitate using videos because they are afraid their clip is not professional enough or they are not sure how to edit videos.  Below are 3 video clips -- each was edited by me -- that help illustrate how all types of videos can be used to market your services.


After watching these 3 videos, feel free to ask any questions.  This discussion is designed to help you get videos online!


This video was professionally filmed, but I edited the clip on my MacBook.





This testimony video was filmed on a Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera with a simple lapel mic.






This video was filmed with a decent video camera set up on a table in the corner of the room. Definitely not the greatest quality, but very effective in marketing.




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Here's another video clip.  It's from a speaking engagement this weekend and was recorded on my Kodak Z18 pocket video camera.




FYI - the Zi8 is on sale this week at Office Max or Staples (one of those) for about $60 or $70.  They were about $150 a year ago.  Great camera.

Would love some feedback on my video. It's on YouTube, but how can I get it viewed more? Any ideas? 


Wedding Photography Workshop Promo

Craig, I really liked your video and watching it I thought, wow, if II was into photography, I think Craig could really teach me how to do it and make money.  Quality was great, the back drop was a home run too.



I totally agree with Jeff...that is a GREAT video.  And you are very, very articulate and engaging.  You need to get that video in front of people!  And you need to get in front of people!!


One great way to have people see your video is to creatively tweet about it and add hash tags (#) that connect with the audiences that you believe would benefit most.  For instance, I speak at student conferences around the country.  So, I look for hash tags like #DECA because I know DECA hosts youth conferences all over the country. 


So, find hash tags on twitter that have to do with wedding photography or photography.  That will likely get a lot of the right people seeing your video.


Hope this helps.  And keep speaking it forward!

Kent Julian



i agree.  Great quality-great video and information....



What if you don't have a high quality video of you doing your thang?  I have some lowQ stuff.  Can I create just some "on direct" clips without an audience?


And for those of us that have a face for radio...


what about a podcast as a means of getting the foot in the door?


Thanks for your advice and God bless.




PS - I have been reading an excellent book called "How to Sell Yourself" by Arch Lustberg.  Lots of good tips on communicating to an audience.  Ever read this book?

Not Kent replying but he knows how to delete my comment if he disagrees :)


Brian, I'd only use the video if it's going to help your brand. That being said, if your content (speaking) is great and the video isn't "professional" then I'd publish it.  Videos don't have to be as "professional" as they used to.  As for a podcast I think it seems like an easy thing to most people but great podcasts take a good amount of work.  That being said, I think a podcast is an awesome way to build your brand.  My podcasts have helped my business grow tremendously.  Podcasting can be a VERY affordable way to grow your influence and you can track all your downloads through a service called Libsyn

Hope that helps.  



Andy is hitting the nail on the head here.  Excellent Andy!!


Andy...would love to see a breakout of your revenue streams (not in terms of $$, but in terms of percentages) and how podcasting has feed those.  Can you share that?


Thanks a ton for contributing,



Kent, I can say with confidence that at LEAST 60% of my business comes from my podcast listener leads meaning my podcasts were the deciding factor in reaching out to me and then hiring me. 15% are local and the other 35% are through my blogging and newsletters.

That's awesome!


What are your top 3 services/products?



One of the best videos I've seen of a youth speaker was taken by a student in the crowd with a flip phone.  The video quality is crummy, but the content is amazing.  So professional production is not necessarily an issue.


I definitely would not video tape yourself speaking to an empty room, but perhaps do videos like the ones at www.youtube.com/liveitforwardllc - these demonstrate that I'm a communicator even though I'm just speaking to a camera.


Podcasting is a great idea.  Be sure to check out the Podcast group here or listen to www.coachradio.tv for someone who does a great job podcasting.




PS  Never read the book...sounds good.



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