I get asked a lot about whether speakers need a speaker brochure or not.

As you know, I'm not too interested in doing what everyone else is doing (who wants to be normal, anyway?). Instead, I try to do things that make my services standout from the crowd. 

Here's a little something I do differently to try to make my brochure standout from the typical speaker's brochure.

Bottom line, I keep is short, sharp, and straightforward. Notice this brochure can be read in one minute. It focuses on just one keynote.  And since I believe we have less than one minute to make an impression, my goal is to cause a meeting planner's one impression to be: "Wow, I want more!"


Feel free to let me know your opinion. Also, share your own brochure thoughts and strategies. 

Here to serve!


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The speakers who get booked the most and get paid the most are really good at one or two presentations. It's not that they don't do other things, but they become known those one or two talks and people who book them want them to deliver those presentations.

Also, those one or two talks are always improving and always evolving. Those talks become so good because the speaker is doing them so often and improving them by 1% each time.

Hope this helps!

Clean, smart, and straight to the point. This is a great concept. How is it working?

Sending out next week :)

Great stuff

Wait to you see the corporate stuff that will be coming soon. I'm doing a meeting with my speaker marketing coach this week about "The Lead-Ability Factor" as a brand. EXCITED!

Hi Kent! I would like to see your postcard. The link doesn't seem to be working. Currently, I am working on a new postcard and am looking for ways to make it more effective.


How has postcard marketing helped you in getting more talks? 
What are the key elements of a good postcard (mailer)? 
When is it the right time to send postcards to schools?
I am currently working on a new postcard. 


Postcard should be 1 element of a complete marketing system that includes showcasing, emails that serve, and even meeting with people 1-on-1. 

For key elements, look at the attached. We changed web address above.

As for right time, every market is different. It's key to figure out when event planners tend to make hiring decision and do postcards at that time. Summer is probably a great time for schools.


Nick... would love to have you join us at www.speakitforward.com in July!



Check it out!

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