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All, I am going on a cruise in 10 days.  I am looking for ideas on how to market my speaking business.  I am open to any interesting ideas.  I will have a business card and website complete for the cruise.


Let's use this discussion for any ideas on marketing your speaking business.


Example, while at Kent's this past weekend I thought about putting my business card in a deck of playing cards his daughters were using.  This is marketing and creates TOMA.  I'm kicking myself for not doing it now.  Boy he would have gotten a kick out of that!

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Great to meet you last week.

Tell us more about your message. What themes and topics are you most interested in speaking about? What do you want people to think of when they're considering you as a speaker? Do you have a "brand" in mind for your business?

If you share some of those things, I'm sure it will be easier for myself and others to come up with marketing ideas that would match closely with your goals.

Make it happen!

Good questions Aaron. I have a couple of things on www.dannymcconaha.com. I am still developing this website.

Possible slogan for myself - Having A Conversation With The World
-I did some short impromptu speaking in Toastmasters once and the evaluator said he felt like he was having a conversation with me even though I was the only on talking. This was a huge compliment so I kind of wanted to include it in my slogan.

The Confident Nerd
-This would be a keynote marketed to elementary, junior high, and maybe high school about bullys. I was kind of picked on as a kid but always had this confidence to deal with it, hence The Confident Nerd. I will just show a picture of me as a kid and that will get the nerd part across right there.

Don't Forget To Wave
-Rory Vaden, professional speaker has a slogan of "Take The Stairs". It is about doing things in life you would rather not do. I was looking for my slogan or probably keynote now. My wife and I were driving and we let somebody in our lane. They "waved" at us. That is where it came from. When letting somebody in your lane it's just nice to get that "wave". This keynote is about making life better for yourself and others by just being kind. The simple kind things matter the most. I'm not sure who I would market this to yet. Maybe businesses, college, different conferences, etc.
-I thought about marketing something like this to business. I'm not sure if I would call it Don't Forget To Wave or not. It would be about how a friendlier business is a business that produces. I spent four years in the corporate environment and can attest to this.

I'm a little jealous that you're going on a cruise. I went last year and had a BLAST!!!

I created business cards that are roughly 2x2 with round corners and have gotten nothing but high compliments on them. No one else that I've met have these cards and it's been huge for TOMA. While I don't think anyone has ever sold their services based only on a business card, I do think it can show creativity. Since I'm a media guy (video and web) and help a lot of companies with their marketing message, my business card has opened the doors for more conversations...which leads to more clients.

It's great the you have a website...that is the digital business card. I think it says a lot when a person a professional e-mail address (nothing screams unprofessional like a hotmail/yahoo account) and a good looking website.

What do you have to offer people when they go to your website? Do you have a free video or report that will give them high value? This could be something you could tell people while on the cruise. "Go to my site and I'll give you a report on...." Make sure it's VERY valuable for them or else they won't bother.

1. Do you have sample videos or audio or your speaking? This can be a way for people to get to know you online (on your website).
2. A few years ago we used mini DVDs to give out during trade shows and people LOVED them. They had some sample videos that could be played in the computer. Maybe you could get some mini CDs and put some of your speaking sessions on them. Just be careful that they don't put them in a Mac laptop or their car stereo b/c they'll get stuck!
3. Is there any way you could buy some iPod shuffles (or something similar but quality) and put your speaking on it? You could give them away to the first 10 people.
4. If you sell your speaking sessions, give them a discount code for one free session...or a buy one get one free.

Those are just a few ideas off the top of my head...without knowing what kind of speaker you are and what type of cruise this is.


Jeff Long
True Focus Media
"Helping people take their message to the masses, through media"
Thanks Jeff. I will try to make the business cards stand out. I hope to have the website looking decent before we leave for the cruise. I know it won't be perfect but hopefully look professional.

I have some sample videos I could put up. They are from Toastmaster contests. Unfortunately, one is a "tall tale" and one is a "humorous speech". They are good if people know they are a "tall tale" and "humorous speech".

I like the buy one get one free idea. I have been in Toastmasters for 4 years now but as for professional speaking I am just getting started. I know the cruise will be a place for me to market though. It is just a regular cruise with Princess cruise lines. We are going to the Caribbean.

Thanks for the followup and background info. As long as you have a decent website with some content, you can always work on filling it during the next few weeks.

I would work on your "elevator speech" aka, your "30 second speech" about what you do and the need that you fill. Don't just say, "I'm a speaker", but tell them how you educate, inspire, help, etc.

I met another media marketing guy from Canada last year on my cruise and we still keep in contact on a regular basis. It's been a great contact.

Have a great cruise and keep us updated between now and then.

GREAT conversation starter Dan.

I'm reading with interest and love seeing the questions & interaction that is already taking place here.

I'll keep reading,
Some marketing I have started is on Facebook. I created a business page and asked my friends to "like" it. I have two keynotes right now. One is on bullying. A friend from high school is a teacher in a nearby school. There have been issues with bullying in schools around hers. She is going to let the principal know about my presentation.

As for other ideas, stay active in forums related to your market. I liked the idea of sending an actual letter versus an email. I, personally, think this is probably the way to go in most markets. Marketing will play a huge part of our speaking businesses. Market early, market often!


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