Per Kent, I am submitting this discussion to - as Kent believes and I agree - the most amazing Mastermind Team on the planet!  I'm helping to promote a seminar in October of this year and we want to nail down a name for the event by Friday, July 1.  The event is a self-develoment seminar with topics such as how to be number one on your job; building a home based business; effective parenting in today's uncertain world, selling the product and keeping your sanity, and topics of the like.  Our objective is to build a stronger, more engendered community.  The goal is to inspire and empower the community to take action and begin living a more prosperous, balanced and whole life!  Lastly, this event is a charity event, where 100% of ticket sales will go toward the precious children of Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Here are the ideas for the event name we have so far: 

> Highest Potential
> Dream
> Unstoppable
> Limitless
> Wishes
> Discover
> Dreams
> Impact
> Defying Limits
> Dream Big
> Wish

Please select the title or titles that most peak your interest or submit a modification to any of the above titles.  Thanks!


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Great idea, Dominique! I love the fact that 100% of ticket sales is going to " Make a Wish!"


I like Impact.



Thanks Cam for the suggestion or vote ;-)  Jeff, thanks for your support.  I will soon have a page on my website whereby people will be able to make a donation to Make-A-Wish.  A lot of approvals involved in all of that.  The legendary Zig Ziglar always taught that if you help enough people get what they want out of life, you'll have everything you need in life.  What's your vote for the event name?
Hey Kent, I would be honored to get your feedback as well.
I vote for " Dream Big."

I sort of lean towards Limitless...but I would add something like:


* Living a Limitless Life

* Limitless in Your Most Important Roles


Or maybe even...


* Make Your Wish Reality...While Making Someone Else's Wish a Reality Too.


Hope this helps.





Thanks Jeff!  Your CD is in the mail by the way.  Kent, what about Limitless Living or Limitless Life?  Catchy?

Sounds good, Dominique.


Nothing is "grabbing" me yet, but they are all good.



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